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What Things Are Under the Power of Jupiter, and Are Called Jovial.

Things under Jupiter, amongst Elements, are the air; amongst humors, blood and the Spirit of Life; also all things which respect the increase, nourishment, and vegetation of the life. Amongst tastes, such as are sweet and pleasant. Amongst metals, tin, silver and gold, by reason of their temperateness. Amongst stones, the hyacinth, beryl, sapphire, emerald, green jasper, and those of airy colors. Amongst plants and trees, sea-green, garden basil, bugloss, mace, spike, mint, mastic, elecampane, the violet, darnel, henbane, the poplar-tree, and those which are called lucky trees, as the oak, the æsculus, or horse-chestnut, which is like an oak but much larger; the holm or holly-tree, the beech-tree, the hazel-tree, the service-tree, the white fig-tree, the pear-tree, the apple-tree, the vine, the plum-tree, the ash, the dogwood tree, and the olive-tree, and also oil-tree. Also all manner of corn, as barley and wheat; also raisins, licorice, sugar, and all such things whose sweetness is manifest and subtile, partaking somewhat of an astringent and sharp taste, as are nuts, almonds, pine-apples, filberts, pistachio-nuts, roots of peony, myrobalan, rhubarb, and manna; Orpheus adds

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storax. Amongst animals, such as have some stateliness and wisdom in them, and those which are mild, well trained up, and of good dispositions, as the hart and elephant; and those which are gentle, as sheep and lambs. Amongst birds, those that are of a temperate complexion, as hens, together with the yolk of their eggs. Also the partridge, the pheasant, the swallow, the cuckoo, and the stork and pelican, birds given to a kind of devotion, which are emblems of gratitude. The eagle is dedicated to Jupiter—she is the ensign of emperors, and an emblem of Justice and Clemency. Amongst fish, the dolphin, the fish, called anchia or anchovy; and the sheath or sheat-fish, by reason of his devoutness.

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