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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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Inasmuch as the power of the world's subversive influences—its "Hidden Rulers"—consists primarily of their vast century-old accumulations of gold and silver, and the fact that such metals constitute the basic element supporting the money structures of all civilized nations, no program could possibly succeed which failed to take this major fact into consideration, or which failed to sponsor the universal adoption of a wholly different and unaccumulative form of currency. It has been the boast of the agents of these "Hidden Rulers," that it has seldom been necessary to assassinate any of the world's so-called financial or political leaders, for only infrequently do they find one they cannot either intimidate, flatter or "Buy". However, it occasionally takes a little more money to buy some than others. Therefore, since the "Gold and Silver" reserves under the direct control of these "Hidden World Rulers," at this date exceed those of even the combined governments of the earth, it should not be difficult to understand—with the financial structure and money exchanges of every nation completely under their influence—

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why every government on earth is today directly or indirectly, wholly and entirely controlled by them; nor to understand why this condition exists, irrespective of the name or nature of the political parties which the public naively vote into office.

Believing that by the use of their vote, they are thereby having some voice in the administration of their country's business and consequently in matters which directly affect their own lives, the world's citizens pay very little attention to what actually takes place in the political affairs of their respective nations, until finally, they lose either their lives through war, or their financial security and happiness through a subtly-planned, and expertly-executed depression.

In recognition of the frequently destructive power of misused wealth, all clear-thinking men and women are aware of the fact that the moneys of the world must be established on a basis other than gold or silver, before the human race can even hope to break its present shackles and bondage to war and poverty, or to prevent its ultimate and complete enslavement to those whose vast accumulations of these metals enable them to hold mankind in endless bondage.

Inasmuch as the age-old curses of illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, autocratic domination, war and poverty, constitute the principal sources of profit for those who have for centuries governed the affairs of the human race, mankind can expect neither peace nor security, until the people whom greed and insane ambition have turned into moral idiots, are no longer able to control the governments and

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resources of the earth, through accumulations—century after century—of its gold and silver.

Those who are familiar with the manipulations of the international stock exchanges and banking systems of the world, can readily understand how the possession of vast accumulations of gold and silver would enable the individuals in whose hands they rested, to completely dominate and control the lives of men.

With the power to increase or decrease the value of stocks, real estate and the prices of food, clothes and other human necessities at will, through the mediums of carefully planned revolutions and wars together with periods of both national and world-wide depressions, a monopoly of the earth's principal resources and a direct but well hidden control of the financial policies, and therefore the governments of the world's major nations, have been maintained century after century. Mankind will have little or no opportunity to resist this domination as long as gold and silver are enthroned as the world's basis of currency, and as the gods which it worships.

The human race, without realizing it, expends literally its entire efforts and the fruitage of its talents, inventions and progressive developments, merely adding to the wealth and strangle-hold over human life already possessed by those who control the moneys and mediums of exchange required by men in their business transactions with one another. For centuries men have worked, not for themselves and their families, but for the world's "Money Changers,"—its "Hidden" though "Actual" Rulers.

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When carefully analyzed it is found that for centuries over ninety-seven (97) out of every one hundred (100) families in the world have expended their entire talents and energies without having received even the barest necessities of a well-rounded life, in payment for their efforts. Although men have continuously been made to feel that the "Private Profit System,"—evolved by the "Money Changers,"—provides everyone with an equal opportunity for compensation and advancement in proportion to his or her respective talents, nevertheless, well planned and expertly executed wars and depressions have always stolen these rewards from them.

The cunningly planned plots and slavery of the "Private Profit System" become self-evident, when we realize that the world's "Money Changers"—through the avenues of revolutions, wars and periodical depressions—get back most of the money they pay out in salaries or business profits to others. They readily retrieve such expenditures through the profits of revolutions, wars—carefully planned unemployment, depressions, continuous and ever-increasing taxation—royalties from the control of major patents—the manipulation of industries and stocks—wheat and food exchanges—together with the almost religiously encouraged money savings of the world's thrifty population, deposited for so-called "safe-keeping" in the "Money Changers’" centrally-controlled international system of banks and "so-called" trust companies. Their method is really quite simple, since all they require to assure their success, is an attitude of indifference on the part of the public, and this mankind themselves generously provide.

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Revolutions and wars, together with world-wide poverty, and its endless cycles of depressions and unemployment, comprise the broadest channels through which the "Hidden Rulers’" constantly growing accumulations of gold, silver and jewelry, flow into their treasuries.

When people are out of work and hungry, they will sell not only their old gold, silverware and jewelry but also "their services," for little or nothing, in order that they might thereby obtain food. To bring about such conditions of dire need it is only necessary for the "Money Changers" to cause what the world calls "A Depression". Being in complete control of the international money and credit structure, they need only shut off the flow of credit to the business men, farmers and other employers of human labor,—shut down the major industries of the world,—(most of which they either partly, or entirely control), start calling in the thousands of loans made through their banks and other credit avenues,—manipulate the stock and bond exchanges in such a manner that thousands of banks fail and are forced to close their doors, and the "Money Changers,"—with but slight inconvenience thereafter,—quickly "gather up" the previous few years of so-called "prosperity" savings, accumulated by millions of thrifty people all over the world. It is not long, by the application of such methods, before they have retrieved whatever surplus funds the industrious workers, farmers and business men have gradually accumulated from their "seemingly" generous salaries or business profits.

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Those whose savings are not taken through bank failures and other occurrences of a similar nature, are forced—(by means of unemployment)—to gradually use up their surplus funds.

When enough people have been thrown out of work and are no longer able to buy the output of those of the world's factories which may still be continuing to operate, nor to purchase the produce of the farms, then these agricultural and industrial institutions are likewise forced to cease hiring men and women. Soon their surplus stocks are disposed of at whatever they can get for them, in (what has become through lack of buyers),—a rapidly declining market, and they also are left entirely at the mercy of the world's "Money Changers". As soon as it is known that practically all surplus funds have been exhausted, then any loans or mortgages against these people or businesses are called in for payment. Knowing that such people have no funds with which to pay off their loans, the farms and businesses belonging to them are then taken over by these "Money Changers," through their satellites and agents, to be disposed of in accordance with their program for retrieving any accumulations of jewelry, gold or silver, gathered by the world's population during the previous generation, and of gaining control of the new inventions, discoveries, patents, resources or properties, which may be of benefit to them in the exercise of their continued domination over the affairs of men.

When the business, professional, industrial, agricultural and employee groups have, through the process of a long drawn-out depression, been forced to use up whatever

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form of savings they may not have already lost through bank failures, or some other premeditated form of robbery, they are next obliged to draw upon their emergency reserves of stocks and bonds which they have gradually accumulated through their industrious efforts, frugality and self-denial. Since by that time, few but the very rich have any money left with which to buy even the necessities of life, (to say nothing of such "luxuries" as stocks and bonds), there is, consequently, but very little market for these securities, which have been so carefully put away for the "rainy day." Inasmuch as there are only a few buyers, and therefore little demand, it is not long before the holders of these securities offer them at a reduced price to anyone who will buy. The day soon arrives when those who formerly were not wise enough to sell, are obliged to reduce their prices still further, until stocks and bonds which they purchased at a unit price—let us say, of $10.00—from the "Money Changers"—(through their satellites, the international system of stock exchanges, banks and "so-called" trust companies),—they are very happy to sell back to them at a unit price of $5.00. However, waiting their time, it is not long before the "Money Changers" through their world-wide agencies are able to buy back these securities at not only as low as $5.00, $3.00 or $1.00 per unit, but almost in exchange for a loaf of bread,—if people by that time have become hungry enough to make such sacrifices of their resources.

Men who have lost their homes and have no money with which to buy food, will gladly consent to the passing of local, state or national measures, granting their respective governments the right to issue millions or even

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billions of dollars in bonds, with which to provide food, clothes and homes for those who have been deprived of such necessities;—knowing these facts, the "Money Changers" soon find that they are quite able,—as the result of their carefully planned depression, to further strengthen their hold upon the governments and industries controlling the lives of such people. In fact, since there are by that time none who are able to underwrite such bonds, (and thereby provide the money with which to feed the unemployed),—other than the financial institutions controlled by these subversive influences, they not only succeed in "Stealing" the most desirable homes, businesses, farms, and properties of the people of an entire nation, and are enabled to buy back stocks or bonds for a few pennies,—which they formerly sold for many dollars per unit,—but they also receive as a reward of their careful plans and financial manipulations, a mortgage upon the resources of an entire nation and the labor of its citizens and their descendants, for generations to come.

In case you should be tempted to believe that people should be grateful to them for buying these bonds,—and thereby providing the money with which to feed and clothe those in need during the depression,—let us remind you that such bonds are purchased with the very money which belonged to the people themselves, but which the "Money Changers" had stolen from them through bank failures, property foreclosures, depreciated bonds, stocks and property values, so carefully premeditated and arranged. Not only have they thereby succeeded in stealing the peoples’ money but also through the medium of endless taxes for the repayment of such bonds and interest,

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they have likewise caused them to mortgage their future earnings and even the earnings of their descendants.

In the meantime, these manipulators of the world's economic structure,—"its Actual, though Hidden Rulers,"—succeed, not only in acquiring the new inventions, discoveries or properties and other resources they may desire to control, but simultaneously,—through the curtailed production of food and other necessities of human life,—the prices of such commodities are gradually increased until those who control the sources of supply, are able not only to hire labor at their own figure, but also to sell the products of such labor at any price they may determine upon for their profit. Considered from all angles, a depression is certainly a most profitable form of manipulation for those in control of the world's major reserves of gold and silver, and the moneys based thereon. The fact that tens of millions of men, women and little children are obliged to suffer pangs of hunger, exposure, and the loss of the homes for which such men and women may have worked the greater part of their lives, does not cause the slightest concern to those whose only thought is the accumulation of more and ever more of that which they worship as their God;—the only "trinity" to which they ever bow down—"Money," "Power" and "Influence."

And so we find that that which the world has glorified as its greatest stimulant to human progress,—"THE COMPETITIVE PRIVATE PROFIT SYSTEM,"—has once more betrayed its followers into the hands of those who many long centuries ago originated it as a means by which to extract the fruitage of mankind's achievements of brilliancy,

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genius and industry, without compensation; always holding out the "bait" of "personal profit or financial gain,"—yet knowing that they would never have to pay,—it has been childishly simple for the people who control vast sums of the world's present form of money, to get what they want "without ever losing the bait."

Another broad avenue through which the world's "Hidden Rulers" retain their control over human affairs, and at the same time add to their wealth, is that which carefully planned and executed revolutions and wars provide. Although human lives and grief-stricken broken hearts are the materials they use in these manipulations, their financial gains and increased gold and silver reserves are none-the-less gratifying to them. In addition they thereby also reduce the danger of ultimately being overthrown, inasmuch as their slaughter, each century, of the healthiest, strongest and most courageous males throughout the various civilized nations of the earth, effectually removes a source from which a vigorous and fearless opposition might some day be formed.

The method by which revolutions and wars are brought to pass for the profit and continued reign of these subversive influences, will be but briefly touched upon in this Bulletin. However, during the world-wide free, thirty-day program, by the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, which is more fully described in the last chapter hereof, a complete exposé of the methods used during many centuries by the world's "Hidden Rulers," through which mankind have been kept in ceaseless bondage, will be placed

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in the hands of the clear-thinking, intelligent men and women of every nation.

Through the avenues of propaganda the "Hidden Rulers" create either hate or fear in the hearts of the people of various groups or nations, and thereafter with but little difficulty, impress such people with the necessity of spending vast sums of money, through bond issues by their governments, for "defensive" (?) armaments and munitions of war, for what they are pleased to call "Preparedness" against the attack of some neighbor nation. At the same time, such neighbor nation is impregnated with similar qualities of either hate or fear and persuaded to spend thousands of millions of dollars, that its people may likewise build up a defense against the attack

Iof the nation, which they themselves,—(according to their neighbor's propaganda),—are supposed to be preparing to attack. Through this method, the people of the entire world

are persuaded to part with their earnings and business profits, down the avenues of taxation, in order that their respective nations may be well prepared against the attack of other nations, who are likewise preparing—not for wars of aggression—but,—(so they think),—for purposes of defense. Without this ceaseless flow of hate and fear-generating propaganda, there wouldn't be even one man or woman out of each million citizens of any one of the world's civilized nations, who would have the slightest desire to wage a war of aggression against the people of any other country.

Unless they are deliberately influenced otherwise,

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human beings in all civilized parts of the world are primarily peace-loving creatures, concerned with their own personal advancement and the happiness of their families through normal avenues of industry and the development of individual talents—not through murdering someone against whom, by the wildest stretch of their imagination, they can have no logical reason for any feelings of antagonism.

Inasmuch as the industries controlling the production and sale of armaments and munitions of war are largely, if not entirely, dominated by the "Money-exchange" structure to which we have referred, most of the huge profits from these industries flow directly into the pockets of those who manipulate the thoughts, emotions,—and thereby, the governmental expenditures of mankind.

By causing wars on the pretext of requiring room for expansion,—or possibly for the much more idealistic purpose of "Ending all Wars,"—the armaments and munitions which have thus been sold are thereby destroyed, and must of course be "quickly" replaced because of the imminent danger of another war, "as we are told." We are led to believe that a war of aggression is being planned by a nation which has been preparing for many years to destroy our people and steal our resources, whereas the fact of the matter is, that most of these "demoniacal human beings,"—(as they are pictured to us),—have probably never even "heard" of our country, or if they have, we mean only a name and a few lines on some world map to them. They are quite too busy trying to make a living, and trying to find just a little normal and deserved

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happiness for themselves and their families, than to be giving any thought to whether they like or dislike us.

With but few exceptions, there has never been a revolution or a war which would ever have been fought, had not some individual or small group of ambitious and usually insanely cruel and morally depraved human beings, devoted their efforts and resources to stirring up either "fear," "bitterness" or "hate" in the hearts of people whom they desired to use as cannon fodder.

It is doubtful if there has ever been a war which has ever benefited anyone other than those who planned and executed it, in order that they might thereby gain wealth, power or glory for themselves. The "only exceptions" to this statement, would be the revolutions or wars fought to gain personal liberty, freedom of speech and religious freedom, or in order that men might be allowed to form governments which would enable them to enjoy privileges withheld from them by their former tyrannical rulers.

However, our Research Department will prove during its international 30-day program that even the worthy institutions of liberty could have been established without having had to, at any time during the past two hundred (200) years, resort to bloodshed or violence, had those who desired the enjoyment of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," been willing to stand together and express as much unity of purpose in the exercise of intelligently industrious efforts in behalf of the production and equal distribution of the necessities and luxuries of life, as they were willing to "emotionally expend" in venting

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their bitterness and hate on the fields of battle.

Had the mothers, sisters and wives of those who fought for liberty, been willing to make as many sacrifices in the building of an economic system patterned after the "Spirit" as well as the "Letter" of the "Golden Rule," established upon the foundation of "Economic Equality;" and had they been willing to sell their jewels and melt up their silverware to produce the machinery and equipment for the accomplishment of such a result without bloodshed, in the same manner in which they were willing to make such sacrifices that they might buy uniforms, guns, bullets and swords to send their men folk out upon the fields of battle to be slaughtered or maimed, then no wars during the past two hundred (200) years would have been necessary, even for the noble ideal of "liberty." Nor would the world's Napoleons, and others of their ilk, ever have had the opportunity of causing the murder of millions of men, and the broken hearts and lives of countless millions of mothers, sisters, wives and helpless little children, century after century.

With the establishment of a world-wide system of production and distribution, based upon "Economic Equality" and the spirit of the "Golden Rule," there would be no room nor opportunity for private profit in conflict with the welfare of the majority. Personal ambitions would have to take the form of improved individual abilities, and the development of constructive talents, rather than the accumulation of money or the development of one's egotistical conviction of his own superiority to others. Serving one another,—one for all and all for one,—would take the

p. 43

place of self-glorification, and public acclaim would come, not upon the battlefield for having proven one's self a "better killer" than another, but instead, a "better doer" of deeds of service for the happiness of one's fellowmen, as well as one's self. Those with kindly thoughts, generous hearts and noble aspirations in the direction of human welfare and service, would be the ones who would win the respect of their fellowmen. There would be no room for either the qualities of a bully or those of a swine, and it would be the sons of Beelzebub instead of the sons of men who would have no place to lay their heads.

It is such an economic system, built around the ideal of brotherly love and a desire for the development of constructive individual talents, which Our Sponsors seek the privilege of establishing. Wars are fought for the purpose of stealing mankind's wealth, but we ask no sacrifice of jewels or other prized possessions of the men and women to whom this invitation is being extended. We ask only that the world's right-thinking people permit us to form them into an organization two hundred million (200,000,000) strong; that there may be established a Universal Service Corporation, "equally owned," and its production and distribution of the luxuries and the necessities of life, "equally enjoyed," by not only the people who comprise this group, but likewise all others in any nation of the earth, as soon as they are willing to comply with the ideals of service and brotherly love which its charter will embody.

We ask only that these two hundred million (200,000,000) people combine their influence and the vast

p. 44

buying power of over one thousand million ($1000,000,000) dollars per day, which they now possess, and that they use this readily available power in such a manner that a great "Universal Service Corporation,"—equally owned and equally controlled by each of their number,—may be internationally established, and through its influence succeed in bringing to pass the world-wide acceptance of a type of money which can never be accumulated by any one person or group of persons in large enough quantities to cause either wars or poverty.

We ask only that a type of money be thereby established which will,—for all time to come, stand as a monumental symbol of indignation against a system which could unresistingly condone the slaughter of eight million (8,000,000) of its healthiest and finest young men under the sanctions of war; a system which could condone such legalized murder merely in order that a handful of "swinish moral idiots" might thereby derive over one hundred and twenty billions of dollars ($120,000,000,000.) of the world's wealth, to add to their already bulging treasure chests. Over fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) in net profits for each man killed was,—during the last world war,—their reward for possessing large enough accumulations of gold and silver to influence the thoughts of the entire "so-called" civilized world into consenting to war.

We ask only that the right-thinking people of every land consent to the adoption of a form of money based on a different standard of value than either gold or silver, in order that the age-old power and influence possessed by the world's subversive forces, may thereby be forever

p. 45

taken from them; and that no person or group of persons ever again be allowed to gain enough wealth, influence or power to buy, bribe or mesmerically direct the thoughts of others through avenues of propaganda, into agreeing to the legalized slaughter of human life,—to which men have been taught to consent,—under the name of "War."

Is it too much to ask that the Biblical commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill," be "Practically," instead of "Theoretically," embedded—not only into the hearts of men, "but also into the very structure of the economic system tinder which they live"???

Is it too much to ask that a "Monetary System" which permits the accumulation of such vast sums of wealth in the hands of a few men that they have the power to change this Biblical commandment into one which is by law engraved into the very statutes of every civilized nation, and reads,—"Thou Shall Not Kill " unless thou first payest a financial profit to thy masters—the "Money Changers,"—be forever destroyed, and in its place, that there be erected a world-wide economic structure which will take into consideration the fact that many men are as yet "but little more than animals," in their character development; a system which will therefore no longer provide a reward for greed and selfishness by supplying the opportunity for such qualities to profit by a monopolistic control of the world's money?

Is it too much to ask that an economic structure be erected which will take into consideration "the fact that human beings are frequently selfish, greedy and cruel"—and which will therefore make it impossible for men, when

p. 46

expressing such qualities,—to harm anyone other than themselves; a system which will enable men to "Reap what they Sow," and "quickly enough" to soon learn the desirability of sowing "Generosity" instead of "Selfishness,"—"Sharing" in place of "Greed," and "Kindness" instead of "Cruelty"?

The "One and only Reward" which the Sponsors of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration ask in exchange for the voluntary gift of over sixty millions of dollars ($60,000,000.) of their personal resources, and the many years of their lives which they have devoted to this task, is that the "Profits of War" and the "Profits of Planned Depressions," be forever prevented from recurring in any nation on this earth.

Our Research Department is well prepared to provide a proven method by which this result can be immediately accomplished. It has completed the plans for the early establishment of a great world-wide and equally owned "Universal Service Corporation," capable of producing and distributing the necessities and luxuries of life for the entire human race. A world-wide equally owned co-operative commercial organization which will, for all time to come, be powerful enough to stand as a fortress for the human race, successfully preventing either wars, depressions, unemployment or poverty.

No share in the ownership of such a corporation, other than that which each member of the entire human race will receive, is asked or could be accepted under the terms of its charter by any of the Sponsors or Official Associates of The Institute. After many years of ceaseless

p. 47

research and preparation, they ask only the privilege of being permitted to irrefutably prove the wisdom and vital importance of its immediate world-wide formation.

It should not be difficult to understand why a great commercial co-operative equally-owned Universal Service Corporation, capable of producing the requirements of life for the entire human family is needed, nor why the moneys of the world must by such means be established on a basis other than gold or silver, before the human race can even hope to break its present shackles of war and poverty, or to prevent its ultimate complete enslavement.

Inasmuch as world-wide war and poverty constitute the principal sources of profit for those who have for centuries governed human affairs, mankind can expect neither peace nor security, until those whom greed and insane ambition have turned into moral idiots, are no longer able to control the governments and resources of our earth, through their possession of large quantities of "money."

The Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, has developed a type of money which can never be accumulated by any person or group of persons, for it will have value as currency only for a limited period of time after the date it is issued, and will possess such value only when spent by the person for whom it is specifically prepared. No other type of money will ever overcome war or poverty; both of which are perpetuated solely for financial gain, and by those who have enough money to cause depressions

p. 48

and financial panics, by their manipulation of the political, financial and commercial enterprises of the world, and the influence with which to force any or all of the world's various governments into revolutions or wars whenever, they may so desire.

Only a type of "limited use money,"—the accumulation of which would be of no value to anyone,—can ever permanently uproot the impulses of greed and mad ambition; for it has been truly stated that if all of the money in the world could be divided equally among those who comprise the human race, over seventy-five per cent (75%) of it would,—"within less than one (1) year,"—be, either in the pockets or completely under the control of three per cent (3%) of the world's citizens, and the remainder of the human race would again be as poverty-stricken as it had been before.

If the "Golden Rule" is to be used as the measure of men's relationship with one another, then an economic system must be established which will protect those who have not as yet learned how to protect themselves, and a medium of exchange must be adopted which will protect the world's population against "Greed," "Selfishness" and "Dishonesty," until such qualities no longer exist in human nature.

The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, during a period of over sixty (60) years, has been quietly but ceaselessly engaged in perfecting plans for the accomplishment of this result, believing that its success would at the same time, disclose the means by

p. 49

which to destroy the strangle-hold of those whom greed and mad ambition have turned into mankind's swinish and depraved "Money Changers and Masters."

Intelligent men and women do not place matches, knives or guns in the hands of those who are known to be insane, neither should they permit the continuation of an economic system which breeds greed, selfishness and insane ambitions in the hearts of men; a competitive private profit system which rewards their qualities of selfishness, arrogance and indescribable cruelty, by freely granting them the power of life or death over their fellow beings, through encouraging their control of the world's money and consequently food, clothes, homes, and in fact the very lives of men; nor a system which makes men forget there is a God, and instead, rewards those who dream of becoming gods themselves, and encourages them to seek the power to send millions of men "tearing at each other's throats," incensed with meaningless hate, planted in the hearts of the various combatants through the money-controlled mediums of propaganda scattered throughout the various nations, yet owned and controlled by a single group of men whom mankind have so richly rewarded with their money. Possessing the financial power and influence with which to cause continuous revolutions, wars or depressions for their profit, the greed of these "Money Changers" has become so great, that they no longer feel either pity or compassion towards the millions of human beings whom their war machines slaughter, nor the slightest concern over the tens of millions of grief-stricken, broken hearts and broken lives, which their money-mad ambitions have

p. 50

caused. Insane lust for money soon becomes their god, and constitutes the only feeling they know.

To dethrone "the god of this world" nurtured by a private profit system which has caused literally all of the wars and most of the poverty suffered by the human race, and to place in its stead a world-wide system of production and distribution, with the "Golden Rule" as its cornerstone,—with guaranteed lifelong financial independence for all, and permanent universal security and peace as its structure,—this is the sole purpose, for which our Research Department was formed and the result which it is now endeavoring to accomplish.

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