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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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On December 25th, in the year 1875, a small group of generous and deeply sincere men and women met for the purpose of dedicating their lives and their fortunes to the establishment of a world-wide commercial organization which would, by its "works" as well as its "words,"—fittingly commemorate the birth of mankind's greatly beloved exemplar and way-shower—Christ Jesus.

He,—in memory of whom the Christian era is dated,—taught men that "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,—and not afar off," and that they might enter it at any time they were willing to obey the Golden Rule, and to live in peace and brotherly love, dealing with one another as they would be dealt with. He knew that our world's resources and its glorious attractions existed in limitless inexhaustible abundance and that they had been placed here for the happiness and equal use of all mankind. He knew that there was no need for rivalry or greedy competition.

That mankind might be persuaded to prove Jesus' promises and to practically apply them on a world-wide scale, and in all branches of human relationships, and that there might be erected to His memory a monument capable

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of exemplifying the "Spirit," as well as the "Letter," of His teachings, this little group of men and women pledged their lives, and their combined fortunes of over sixty millions ($60,000,000.00) of dollars, to the establishment of an organization which would devote its resources and the energies of its members, to a discovery of the basic causes of world-wide poverty,—wars and human suffering.

The program they had determined upon, was quite unlike any ever before attempted. They proposed to deal, not with results or effects called Poverty and War, but with their causes, and if need be to spend their entire fortunes and lives in a world-wide investigation and preparation of plans for the annihilation of what they believed to be humanly directed causes of mankind's endless fears, insecurity and suffering.

They had become convinced that poverty, ignorance, superstition, fear, hate and war were largely, if not entirely, the effects of such humanly directed causes, perpetuated century after century by those individuals who found it financially profitable to do so, and who had reached such—a point of moral idiocy that they no longer considered the sufferings of their victims.

In no way could the men and women who gathered together that Christmas Day, be classified as visionary impractical idealists, although the vision which had gradually dawned in the thoughts of each one of them during a period of many years, could only have been the out-growth of the highest form of unselfed ideals. If we were permitted to mention the names of some of the members of

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that little group, they would be instantly recognized by the well-informed people of every civilized nation on our earth today.

They each had experienced extreme poverty in earlier years and their attainment to positions of wealth and prominence had not been by visionary dreaming, but by exercising intelligence, industry, and an unyielding determination to break the shackles of such slavery. However, success had not dimmed their memories, or caused them to forget their tortures of hunger and privation, nor the fact that hundreds of millions of men, women and little children were still hungry and poorly clad—and tens of millions of them dying of starvation and exposure each year.

And so, on that Christmas Day, in the year 1875, a world-wide organization was formed and given a name. A name which for over fifty-eight years was to be known only by the members of that group, and their immediate co-workers, but a name which throughout all of future human history will stand as a beacon light of progress, forever reminding the men and women of every age, that the Universe itself is their home, and that there will never come a time when men will be able to say that they know all there is to know, and that there is nothing new to explore or to discover. For never will the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration cease making discoveries of which the human race should be informed, nor cease from striving to be worthy of its name's significance. It will never reach the stage where it has wholly fulfilled its mission to the human race, of serving those whom its founders considered

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as their brothers and sisters, and desired to benefit. It will never cease growing, nor enlarging its capacity to serve.

The major purpose of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration was to be the discovery and application of ways and means by which the "Golden Rule" might be "Practically" applied in all human relationships, in order that poverty and wars would no longer occur, and men might learn to live in peace and happiness, in this gloriously beautiful world home of ours. That men might learn to enjoy its abundant resources,—which belong equally to us all, their eyes need only be opened to the inexhaustible nature of the needful or desirable things of life placed here on our earth in such endless variety by our Creator. To open men's eyes to the needlessness of poverty and war, and to prove to them the availability of the earth's limitless resources, this was the task to which The Institute's founders had set their hands.

People who have spent less time, effort or money in economic research, may not yet be willing to heed the warnings which some of The Institute's discoveries necessitate, nor to believe the promises which other discoveries so filled with hope, now justify. Those who are willing, not only to heed our Research Department's warnings and act in accordance with its recommendations, but also to believe and accept its promises, will be able,—(when they are sufficient in number),—to awaken the intelligent right-thinking people of the world in time to prevent another war; a war which is internationally planned by the world's

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[paragraph continues] War Lords and actual Rulers for the purpose of exterminating the educated and religious inhabitants of the civilized nations, and of permanently enslaving those who are not slaughtered during this world-wide holocaust of deadly gases, poisons, death rays and searing flames.

The sparks which would release these forces of extermination—would be scattered during the years 1935, 1936 and 1937. By October 1937, enough war equipment would be in use, throughout the nations of the earth, to bring about the complete extermination of over four hundred million (400,000,000) of the world's educated and religious classes.

If the Institute's warnings are heeded and its recommendations accepted quickly enough, there need be no civilization-destroying war, but instead, mankind will experience an era of freedom, security and luxurious abundance of the needful and desirable things of life such as have never before been available to even the world's wealthiest or most fortunate citizens. We are prepared to prove that poverty is perpetuated and wars are fought "solely" for the profit of those who control the world's financial structure.

Men are not inarticulate beasts of the field, incapable of voicing their protests against injustice and needless poverty, nor are they handicapped by the limited intelligence of an ostrich which hides its head in the sand in order that by not seeing approaching danger it may believe itself protected and safe. Intelligent creatures need not hesitate nor be afraid to bring out from under cover the

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forces of greed, insane ambition and cruelty, which have for so long a time enslaved the human race. The control by these soulless, unfeeling task-masters, expressed as insane dreams of conquest, (by a few individuals whom mankind have unwisely permitted to grow wealthy and influential), can be broken with no more difficulty than that which would be experienced by herds of cattle in overcoming the puny influence of their herders, if they but recognized the strength of their own combined numbers.

On that December Day, long years ago, the founders of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration (to whom we shall hereafter refer as "Our Sponsors"), were fully aware of the truth of the above statement. It was due to their recognition of the fact that the human race was living in needless bondage to these task-masters of greed and insane ambition, that they pledged their combined wealth of over sixty millions of dollars to the establishment of a great "International Research Bureau," in order that the facts pertaining to the specific nature of this bondage, and the truth regarding the limitless quantity and variety of the world's resources, might be brought—with adequate supporting proofs—to the attention of the intelligent right-thinking people of our world.

Our Sponsors believed, (and their Research Department has since proven), that the principal known resources of the earth had been systematically withheld from mankind's use for many centuries, by a world-wide organization composed of a small group of families in possession of fabulous accumulations of wealth, which they were using

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to gradually pauperize and enslave the human race. They also believed that these people, through an organization, and an executive board, (to which we shall hereafter refer as "War Lords" or "The World's Hidden Rulers," and its "Money Changers"), possessed complete control through their followers and satellites, of the political parties, governments and major utilities and industries of every civilized nation on earth, and that every revolution or war of any consequence, during the past number of centuries, had been planned and executed under their direction, either for the purpose of financial gain or to safe-guard or strengthen their political strangle-hold upon the world and its citizens. Our Sponsors further believed that revolutions and wars were planned and executed by these subversive influences for the two-fold purpose of perpetuating poverty and of killing off the healthiest males of the human race, each century, in order that the followers and satellites of these Hidden Rulers might more readily exercise their control over the world's resources and its peoples.

They knew that this organization of Hidden World Rulers had at its disposal hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth, consisting of gold, silver and jewelry accumulated during thousands of years, by families, organizations and governments over which it had gradually gained control; and that this incalculably vast accumulation of wealth was under the complete unsupervised jurisdiction of an executive board consisting of men who had dedicated their lives and talents to furthering the plans of its original organizers. Age-old plans to eventually exterminate the world's religious and educated classes, and to destroy its educational, religious and humanitarian institutions, (inasmuch

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as they constitute the principal forces attempting to overthrow poverty and war), and to place in their stead, an organization composed of these maniacs,—or their descendants or heirs, permanently in control of the human race and the resources of our earth. These insanely ambitious moral idiots, (believing that they or their descendants will some day have principalities of their own, and thousands of personal slaves at their beck and call), willingly lend themselves to the furthering of such a program.

Our Sponsors believed that when a member of the executive board of this organization of Hidden World Rulers passes on, that the remaining members, in order to maintain the necessary quota of executives, select one of their most trusted and ambitious agents to take the place of the deceased, and that for hundreds of years, the subversive plots of this powerful and well hidden group have been successfully approaching the time when the world's educated and religious classes are to be exterminated.

Our Sponsors also believed that there was no possible way of thwarting these plots, other than to replace gold and silver as the world's medium of exchange and basis of currency and money, with some form of money which could never be accumulated in large quantities by any individual or group of people, nor spent by anyone other than the one to whom it was issued. They believed that in no other way could the world-wide strangle-hold of the "Hidden Rulers" be broken, since their thousands of years of accumulations of gold, silver, jewels, and other easily stored forms of wealth, had finally reached the point where their complete and absolute control of world governments

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would soon enable them to bring about the permanent enslavement of the human race through the avenues of war.

As a result of former discoveries, it was believed that two great wars would be fought. Although each of them would be conducted on a world-wide scale, the first one would be planned and executed for the dual purpose of pauperizing the peoples of the earth and of testing out the potential slaughtering capacity of the war machinery which the "War Lords" planned to use in their final war of extermination a few years later. Furthermore, their news-collecting and dispensing agencies would he fully tested and experienced in the promulgation and dissemination of the necessary "Fear and Hate-Generating Propaganda" required for the successful execution of any great war. At the conclusion of the first war, all necessary data would be collected by all nations in reference to any improvements required in the construction of their final war machine, including the publicity facilities as well as the actual munitions, armaments and necessary machinery with which to slaughter vast numbers of human beings. Thereafter, a number of years would be devoted to perfecting their plans and equipment, and further impoverishing the substantial class of the world's citizens and its trained workers in order that the necessary Poverty, Fear, Bitterness and Hate, (which constitute the human fuel upon which the war propaganda machine must feed), would provide an acceptable cause for revolutions and wars in the minds of the citizens of the world's major nations.

Religious, racial, and class antagonisms and hatreds,

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would in the meantime—through carefully prepared propaganda—be fully inflamed, and the people of these various groups be crying out to be allowed to tear at each other's throats like so many hate-incensed and ravenous wolves. With such preparations, the world's Hidden Rulers would experience but little difficulty in causing their final war of extermination. With every nation fully armed and equipped, on the pretext and seemingly laudable grounds of self-defense, it would be childishly simple to ignite the fuse which would set off their bombs and cannon, and bring about the slaughter of the hundreds of millions of men, women and children whom they desire to exterminate. *

In no other way than by murdering the educated and religious classes of the world's population, could these "Hidden World Rulers" hope to bring about the final destruction of their two greatest enemies to permanent and complete world control; namely, Mankind's Educational Systems and their Enlightened Religious Institutions.

On December 25th, in the year 1875, although each, of the men and women—who had met together for the purposes previously referred to—had conducted extensive individual investigations, they had been able to only partly obtain the necessary substantiating data, but they had, nevertheless, become convinced that the subversive influences we have described not only existed but were rapidly consummating their program to enslave the human

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race. The World War of 1914-18, and subsequent events, constitute at least partial proof of the accuracy of their early conclusions.

Centuries ago, Columbus believed that there was a land across the sea. He not only did not know whether or not this was so, but in addition to his own uncertainty even the most highly educated people of his day ridiculed and persecuted him for this belief. Nevertheless, he searched for the land which his intelligent convictions persuaded him existed, and finally he found it. He no longer just believed that it was there, but he knew and could prove his claims to even the most skeptical of his former tormentors, if they would but listen to his testimony or gaze upon the evidence which he had gathered.

The founders of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration had even greater reason for their belief that the world's resources existed in such vast abundance and variety that each member of the human race could have over one hundred times as much as he had formerly enjoyed, without exhausting these resources during a period of millions of years. They were also equally convinced that greed, selfishness and cruelty bred into the hearts of men by the world's false system of private profits, utterly unscrupulous competition, and its civilization-destroying theory of the "Survival of the Fittest," had given birth to, and nurtured, cruel and insane ambitions in the minds of men, until at that time there existed a group of fabulously wealthy individuals with neither souls nor scruples, who had become moral idiots dreaming of owning the world and enslaving its peoples.

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The Institute's founders did not know, in the year 1875, that their beliefs were provable, but the results of previous years of research had convinced them that they were. By the year 1919,—almost forty-four years later, after spending millions of dollars of the money they had donated to the service of humanity, and years of their lives, they no longer just believed but instead, just as in the experience of Columbus in verifying his convictions, they also had searched and found irrefutable evidence and proof of their convictions. They no longer just believed—they knew!!! Not only had they proven their theories (which we have previously described herein) to be correct, but also much of an indescribably startling nature. Even those to whom the evidences and proofs were presented in the form of pictures, photostatic copies of contracts, agreements, and plots for the enslavement of the human race, found it difficult to believe that human beings could become such swinish monsters. And none but those who had seen our Research Department's pictures and authenticated hope-inspiring reports of the world's vast inexhaustible resources, inventions and facilities for a world-wide system of quantity production and equality of distribution of the necessities and luxuries of life, could believe that such limitless abundance could possibly have been kept hidden from the human race for so many thousands of years.

Without the proofs before them, but few men or women would be willing to believe the statement of The Institute's Research Department, that "Mankind United"—within a period of "months"—could not only forever uproot the causes of war and poverty, but that they could

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usher in such an era of peace, security and luxurious abundance of the necessary or desirable requirements of mortal life, that no one would be obliged to work over four (4) hours a day, four (4) days a week, eight (8) months each year, to earn a salary of not less than $3,000.00 per year, irrespective of nationality, color, religion, education, training or ability. Pensions of $250.00 per month could be given to all those who had worked a total of 11,000 hours or who were sixty (60) years of age or over, and desired to retire from active routine duties; also similar pensions for those who were incapacitated and unable to work.

Without such proofs it would sound fantastic to claim hat free transportation during vacation periods to any part of the world—free education, and free development of talents—could be made available to every man, woman or child on earth, and many of these benefits enjoyed within less than ninety (90) days after the acceptance of the plans and recommendations of our Research Department by not less than two hundred million (200,000,000) of the intelligently industrious class of the world's population.

Because of mankind's inherent distrust of each new idea presented to them, and their age-old resistance to progress, (and because of the fact that the proofs gathered by our Research Department would require a library of hundreds of books to adequately describe), a plan for imparting these findings to the world's civilized peoples, in a manner which would overcome their distrust and win their support, was finally adopted by the executive board of

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[paragraph continues] The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration in the year 1919.

The problems which confronted Our Sponsors, when it became necessary to determine upon ways and means by which to place their astounding discoveries in the hands of the world's intelligent and right-thinking people, seemed almost insurmountable. For it must be borne in mind that the men and women comprising the Research Department of The Institute, had been obliged to surround their activities with the utmost secrecy, to prevent detection by some one of the thousands of spies retained by the world's Hidden Rulers. Our Sponsors had successfully evaded detection during many years by the simple expedient of individually remaining wholly unknown in connection with any research activities of an international nature, and of . obtaining any necessary information through carefully selected, highly intelligent and trustworthy individuals, who had been appointed through agents for their respective tasks, and who were never permitted to know the name nor the identity of their actual employer.

Each of the men and women who had gathered together on that Christmas Day, in the year 1875, and each of those who had later been invited to become members of The Institute's Research Department, had agreed that if any one of them should ever be suspected of being engaged in activities adverse to the plans and interests of the world's War Lords and Hidden Rulers, that such a one would immediately sever his or her connection with the Research Department of The Institute. Also that none of them would ever divulge the name or the identity of any

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other member of the group, nor acknowledge their connection therewith, even to the members of their own families or their most intimate acquaintances or associates. They agreed that they would never grant such information to anyone during their lifetime, and that even though they might be forced to submit to forms of torture which would cause their death, they would still keep these vows. They further agreed to never invite anyone to join the Research or Administrative Staff of The Institute, until all of the members thereof had unanimously voted in favor of extending such an invitation, nor until the one who had thus been elected to membership, fully agreed to abide by the rules of conduct and caution which the nature of The Institute's activities required. Needless to say, the selection of a new member for their group was preceded by extensive investigations into the character, dependability and courage of such a one. Finally they had agreed that should their Research Department develop inventions or make discoveries of commercial value, that such inventions or discoveries would under no consideration be used by The Institute or its organizers for their own financial gain, inasmuch as such activities might thereby lead to The Institute's detection by the world's subversive influences.

Each member of the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, is pledged to the service of the human race without hope of personal profit or remuneration of any kind, nor in fact, even recognition. These men and women seek no honors or benefits of any nature whatsoever for their services. Only by waiving all possibilities of financial

p. 16

gain or public acclaim, could they have even hoped to succeed in making the discoveries they sought, or to complete the plans for the establishment of an economic system capable of saving the world from the horrors of war and ultimate enslavement by those who plot the destruction of the educational and religious institutions of our civilization.

Our Sponsors have obtained the necessary proofs and they no longer "Just Believe," "They Know" that illiteracy, superstition, ignorance, poverty and war are planned, directed and perpetuated for the purposes of financial profit, personal power, and control over the resources and peoples of our earth.

They have also learned that the earth's resources are so limitless in variety and quantity, and civilization's mechanical developments and inventions more than adequate for the production of such an abundance of the necessities and luxuries of life, that the entire human family could live on a scale of luxury exceeding even that now enjoyed by the world's so-called wealthy families.

Our Research Department gradually learned that many idealistic, "but perfectly practical plans" for the alleviation of human suffering and the establishment of an economic system capable of permanently guaranteeing mankind against both war and poverty—have from time to time been developed and presented to the human race throughout the centuries. But one and all, they have wholly failed to uproot the actual causes of poverty or war, and the numerous other "Humanly-planned Sources" from which

p. 17

mankind's ceaseless woes emanate—for, One and All, they have been built around "Human Personality" and a publicly known founder or leader. Therefore, all that has ever been necessary for those in control of world affairs to do, in order to keep mankind in bondage, has been for them to get rid of the leaders, and they have thereby invariably gotten rid of any movements which might in time have developed the strength to oppose their rule.

The destruction of any movement for the relief of human suffering, or which might ultimately bring an end to war and poverty, has always been accomplished by the world's subversive forces in one of four ways;—namely, either by intimidation, bribery, flattery or assassination.

Our Sponsors had learned of the futility of even attempting to uncover the malignant world-wide causes of human suffering by attempting to openly appear as the leaders of a movement to eradicate these evils. The only possibility of their success rested in the source of the information released to the world, and the names or the identities of those who obtained such information, remaining permanently unknown.

The paramount necessity of "Absolute Secrecy" was quite apparent to each of those who comprised The Institute's sponsors, for they had learned that the secret service departments of the information agencies controlled by the world's "Hidden Rulers" contained considerably over 10,000 highly trained and well-paid spies, devoting their entire time to the task of supplying information concerning the activities of the peoples of all nations, and the

p. 18

relationship of such data to the activities of the departments employing them.

Having learned that the vast wealth of the world's "Money Changers" (its "Hidden Rulers") enabled them to readily destroy any movement adverse to their interests—(if they could discover its sponsors and its headquarters or the sources of information from which its plans had been evolved)—our Research Department, shortly after its formation, undertook to discover the exact reasons for the failure of many thoroughly practical plans which had, from time to time, been presented to the human race for the prevention of wars and the cure of poverty. Any one of a number of these plans, if universally adopted, would immediately have succeeded, but they had never been allowed to get beyond the "Discussion" stage. Our Research Department had to know the reason for these failures, in order that it might thereby guard against their repetition in its own experience.

It soon learned that one of four (4) methods are always used by the world's Hidden Rulers. Since any movement at its inception can be destroyed by destroying its leader or obstructing his activities, the subversive forces always resort to one of the four (4) methods to which we have just referred. First they try Intimidation, either through the avenues of ridicule or direct Threats. Should intimidation fail, then they next attempt to Bribe the originator of any plans adverse to their interests, if they think he can be reached in that way. One of these two methods usually succeeds. However, if both fail, then for a time the plans of the organizer or leader are "Aided"

p. 19

until he has gained a following. After that, the glorification of his personality and a program of "Ceaseless Flattery" is systematically conducted, until he becomes thoroughly convinced that he is indeed a super being and deserves the praise and adulation of everyone with whom he comes in contact. It is not long thereafter until he has quite forgotten his ideals of service, and desires only to add to his own prestige. His appetite for adulation and flattery develops so rapidly that he has but little time left in which to accomplish any "constructive" results. He is quite too busy feeding his ego, and thenceforth the "Money Changers" have nothing to fear from him.

If this third method does not succeed, the fourth and last one they use has never, throughout hundreds of years, failed to accomplish the result they desire. If a movement is gaining too much headway, and a leader's ideals of service and his plans for uprooting the causes of war or poverty seem to be succeeding in spite of interference, then the fourth method is used—"Assassination." This last method has invariably destroyed any movement which depended upon the motivating influence of a human leader for its success.

Countless practical plans, quite able to end both war and poverty, have been presented to the human race by generous, brilliant and deeply sincere men and women. Yet, not one has ever been allowed to progress beyond the "Conversational or Discussional Stage," for all have had a known originator or human leader, who could be thwarted or put out of the way at will.

p. 20

The Sponsors of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration fully realized that the only method by which the plots of the world's "Hidden Rulers" could ever be uncovered and brought to the attention of mankind, and the only way by which a plan capable of ending war and poverty would ever be established, would be for those who originated it to remain beyond detection. They knew that no plan to assure peace and happiness to the human race could ever succeed unless the source which provided information to the public, and those responsible for its continuous and uninterrupted release—"Remained Unknown," and thereby beyond the murderous reach of the agents of such subversive influences.

Those who control the world's governments, and its political and industrial structures, and who plan the early extermination of its most enlightened citizens, do not waste their time fighting the followers of a movement; "they deal not with effects but with causes." "To destroy a movement, they destroy its leader;" but they cannot destroy a program built upon the indestructible foundation and leadership of an "Idea" instead of a person. Therefore, our Sponsors determined upon "a grouping of ideas," which would constitute a form of leadership "without any known headquarters or personal leaders to attack;" yet fully capable of ultimately bringing to pass the establishment of an organization with sufficient world-wide influence to uproot and destroy the age-old power of the satellites of selfishness and greed, and those who are now the world's "Hidden Rulers."

p. 21

A program capable of accomplishing this result and with its headquarters and leaders permanently beyond the reach of the world's subversive forces, was conceived of and adopted by the Sponsors of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration in the year 1875. The proof that they have been fully successful in guarding and protecting their activities, is the fact that the headquarters and the identities of The Institute's founders and research experts are—"Sixty years Later"—still unknown. The wisdom of this cautious policy is evidenced by the further fact that those who have been appointed to impart The Institute's discoveries to the world and to carry out their program, are now rapidly reaching the culmination of their plans for the successful establishment of a world-wide Co-operatively-owned Universal Service Corporation. An internationally-owned business corporation, powerful and influential enough to permanently prevent any further wars and, for all time to come, to end the rule of those influences of selfishness and greed, personified by people who keep the human race in endless poverty, and—for purposes of financial gain—subjected to utterly needless bloodshed and ceaseless suffering.

During Our Sponsors’ many years of preparation for the fulfillment of their plans, and for the establishment of an organization universally influential enough to carry them forward to ultimate success—the most important requirement was a well-equipped Research Department with a staff of experts comprising the most talented available members of each major branch of human endeavor. Exact information—"Facts," not "Theories"—constitutes the only

p. 22

foundation upon which any "lasting" accomplishment can be erected.

To destroy the influences which keep the human race in constant bondage to age-old humanly perpetuated foes, such as war and poverty, it would be necessary to discover the source or sources from which they emanate. It would also be necessary to know exactly, "How"—"What" and by "Whom" they are fed. In other words, to discover the organization or organizations, the materials or elements, and the method or methods responsible for the perpetuation, century after century, of these monstrosities and destroyers of human security and happiness.

Finally, after completing such discoveries—if they were to be of any value to the human race—it would be necessary to perfect a program capable of destroying these enemies and preventing the appearance at some later date of similar ones.

To establish a world-wide economic system in which there would be no room left for either war, poverty, or those who condone them, there was but one plan which could possibly succeed. The production and distribution of the necessities and luxuries of human life would have to be conducted by a profit-sharing, equally-owned, worldwide corporation, on such a vast and efficient scale that no man, woman or child in any part of the world would be denied anything essential, or constructively desirable, for his or her happiness, security or advancement. To bring such universally needed results to pass, would require the whole-hearted tireless efforts of the world's most out-standing and experienced experts and leaders, selected

p. 23

from every branch of human activity, and from every corner of the globe. In addition, such people would be obliged to remain wholly unknown to the world; not only when conducting their investigations and perfecting the plans for their great "Universal Service Corporation," but also permanently thereafter.

If they were to successfully guard against the dangerous influences of jealousy, envy or pride, which might strike at their achievement through the avenues of religious, racial or class antagonisms, it would be necessary that not even the members of their own immediate families ever be allowed to know the identities of those who would constitute The Institute's Research or Administrative Staffs.

At such a time as their plans were fully consummated, neither their own families, their relatives nor descendants, must ever be given the opportunity to expect or receive special favors, privileges or recognition, inasmuch as an economic system based upon the "Golden Rule" and a "Brotherhood of Economic Equality," must provide no room for the "glorification" of human beings or "hero-worship." Although men may respect and gratefully appreciate a worthy human accomplishment, they should worship and glorify God,—not one another.

In other words it was necessary that the members of the Research and Administrative Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, be composed of men and women possessing not only exceptional qualities of intelligence, together with outstanding executive experience and ability, but also a deeply sincere willingness to serve the human race without hope of financial

p. 24

gain or public recognition or glory, but to do so in exchange for no other reward than the satisfaction which the successful performance of a worthy accomplishment might bring to them.

Towards the close of the year 1919, after a period of forty-four (44) years of continuous effort and an expenditure of many millions of dollars—the Sponsors of The Institute had—(although but gradually)—finally succeeded in completing the formation of a group of executives and Research Experts capable of carrying their original and unaltered program on to its ultimate fulfillment.

During these years, the little group which had gathered together on that Christmas Day so long ago, had drawn ceaselessly and generously upon their talents and the experiences of their successful careers, as well as upon their personal fortunes, in order that the organization they had founded might become so firmly established and so thoroughly and so correctly informed upon the matters to which they had dedicated their lives, that before the advancing years could too greatly reduce their ranks, they would have fully removed all elements of uncertainty or possibilities of failure.

Not only had they made many startling discoveries of incalculable value to the human race—in behalf of our own as well as future generations—but they had also carefully and wisely replaced those of their number who had passed on.

p. 25

By the end of the year 1919, the Research and Administrative Departments of the Institute had been gradually increased to a total executive force of two hundred (200) people. Selected exclusively from the ranks of men and women who had experienced extreme poverty in their earlier years, but who had proven their qualifications and practical abilities by their successful careers and individually acquired fortunes, this group of two hundred (200) research experts and executives possessed ample qualifications for the accomplishment of the purpose for which they had voluntarily dedicated their lives when the opportunity to do so had been extended to them. It was agreed that until after the end of the year 1936, (at which time their program would be approaching its culmination), a Research and Administrative group of exactly two hundred (200) members would be maintained. Should one of their number pass on, a selection of a man or a woman of similar qualifications to those of the deceased would be made, subject to the "Unanimous Agreement" of the remaining members. The one thus selected would be subject to the same irrevocable pledges, and would be voted upon in the same manner as had each of the group of two hundred (200) chosen during the previous years.

This Executive Board, (to whom we shall continue to refer as "Our Sponsors"), therefore at this time consists of two hundred (200) practical, successful and widely experienced experts and authorities, selected from the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, merchandising, banking, transportation, educational and religious groups of leaders, of the world's most advanced civilized nations.

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During the past sixteen (16) years, while waiting for world events and mankind's qualities of thought to reach the point where the authenticity of The Institute's warnings would be self-evident and its recommendations universally understandable, our Research Department has carefully checked, tested and proven the value of each of its discoveries, revolutionary mechanical inventions, policies and contemplated plans of procedure developed during their many years of preparation.

All is now in readiness for a world-wide "Free" 30-day program, during which time The Institute's well-guarded sixty years of discoveries and carefully prepared recommendations will be freely offered to the human race. In two-hour programs repeated day and night, twelve times each twenty-four hours, five days each week, this ambitious international proclamation of warnings and recommendations will be freely given to the two hundred million (200,000,000) clear-thinking men and women throughout the nations of the earth, to whom we are now extending our invitation.

At the conclusion of said thirty-day program, a worldwide election will be conducted and an international vote obtained upon one hundred (100) separate measures, which The Institute will at that time offer to the intelligent right-thinking members of the human race for their acceptance or rejection.

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Although no effort has been made to either embellish, elaborate or treat in full detail The Institute's discoveries, and the various aspects of a subject which will require a thirty-day use of moving pictures, radio broadcasts, and much in the nature of charts and supporting statistical reports to comprehensively impart, nevertheless the following pages of this Bulletin are intended to outline a number of the humanly-planned causes of war and poverty, and the basic principle upon which any program for their correction must be established. It has been rightly stated that a carefully-prepared picture can supply as much information as the use of ten thousand words. It can therefore be readily understood why we request that the public postpone its opinion of our claims and recommendations until the conclusion of our free 30-day program, which will—(with the use of moving pictures and other modern and efficient methods of presentation)—provide information which would otherwise require the publication of many hundreds of volumes of highly technical reports. However, a careful reading of this Bulletin will provide sufficient data for those who are unbiased, to form at least a partial opinion of the character, motives and ideals, of those who constitute The Sponsors of this world-wide movement.


10:* Without widespread public co-operation our organization can—at this time—do no more than to temporarily delay this catastrophe.

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