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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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For countless centuries men have accepted or have rejected a new idea,—not from the standpoint of whether the "Idea" was good or bad, but from the wholly unintelligent and idiotically illogical basis, of whether they have or have not liked the one who presented it. If such a one is a member of their profession, their lodge, or their church, and if he is as tall or as short, as stout or as slender as they may prefer; and if the sound of his voice is pleasant and the color of his eyes attractive, then of course the idea he is presenting must be all right, and so from this profound basis of judgment,—they accept it. There is but little thought given as to whether the "Idea" itself is "Right" or "Wrong,"—"Good" or "Bad," since human personality has constituted the major factor in its consideration.

However, if the one who seeks to present a plan or an idea to a group of men, does not happen to "Belong," or if such men do not like the way he combs his hair, there is but little chance that they will even take the time to listen to his idea.

After spending over sixty years of time,—more than sixty millions of dollars ($60,000,000.00).—and (in the

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case of a number of the members) virtually a lifetime in testing and demonstrating irrefutably and conclusively each and every one of their discoveries,—The Sponsors of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration have had no intention of giving any person or group of persons, the opportunity of judging their program for the establishment of a much needed new worldwide economic system, from the standpoint of the color of its Sponsors' hair.

Three plus three equals six, and is just as true and just as useful in the working out of a mathematical problem when stated by a "tall man," as it is when stated by a "short one."

It is high time those of us who think that we are intelligent creatures, started using the priceless faculties of "Reason and Independence of Thought " with which we have been divinely endowed. It is high time that we learned to "judge righteously and justly," and when an idea is presented for our consideration, that we judge its value by whether we think it is good or bad, right or wrong, and not by whether we like or dislike the personality of its sponsors, or the method of its presentation. Therefore, due to the previously described necessity of keeping the headquarters of The Institute and the identities of its Sponsors permanently unknown, and of the further desirability and wisdom of having its program and recommendations judged entirely upon their merits, a plan was finally adopted which complies with both of these requirements, and which will be able to win the requisite approval and support of the two hundred million

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[paragraph continues] (200,000,000) intelligent, right-thinking men and women, who will comprise our world-wide audience.

By the year 1919, our Research Department had learned that there was but "One Solution" to mankind's age-old problems of war and poverty, and that the concerted action of not less than two hundred million (200,000,000) people would be required for the successful application of this One and Only Solution. They had learned that The Institute's Sponsors and their organization's headquarters must remain permanently unknown or this plan could not possibly succeed. "The only leaders the world could ever be allowed to know, would have to consist of the Institute's ideas and ideals."

Towards the end of the year 1919, the first steps in the accomplishment of these results were taken. It was decided that some hundreds of young men and women would be chosen from all parts of the world, representing each of the major nationalities and racial groups, each of the agricultural, industrial, professional, vocational and cultural groups, and that they would be selected only after they had proven their sincere desire to serve mankind. These young men and women, chosen for their qualities of morality, integrity, courage, industry, perseverance, education and intelligence, would be invited to undergo a fifteen year part-time course of instruction under the supervision of the various members of The Institute's Research Department. Before being accepted they would each be shown a number of the Research Department's discoveries, to assist them in forming what would be the most vital decision of their entire lives. They would then

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be offered the opportunity of participating,—as a member of The International Legion of Vigilantes,—in the consummation of The Institute's program. Provided however, that in consideration of the privilege of instruction and the opportunity of directly participating in this great world program, that they would sign a contract of which the following is a partial outline:

1st. To the best of their understanding and ability, to obey the Golden Rule in their relationships with their brother man, and to ceaselessly strive to benefit all mankind, irrespective of race, color, religion, education, training or ability;

2nd. To never reveal their association with The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, nor to ever attempt to discover the identity of any member thereof (nor to ever seek such information) without the personal authorization of the director in charge of their instruction. Should one's affiliation become known, even to the members of that one's own family, without such previous authorization, or under circumstances beyond his control, he would immediately sever any and all direct relationship with the activities of The Institute;

3rd. To obey without question or delay, any and all orders received from one's director, even though one might thereby jeopardize his freedom or life, provided however, that such orders in no way conflict with Christ Jesus’ Sermon on The Mount, The Ten Commandments as written in the King James version of the Old Testament, nor the established laws of any nation which grants its citizens

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the privileges of free speech and the rights of peaceable assembly;

4th. To neither use, nor purchase for the use of others, any intoxicating liquors, opium, or any form of dope, nor to use any food or drug or indulge in any action which might even temporarily deprive one of the full and unimpaired use of his mental faculties;

5th. To serve The Research and Administrative Departments of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, to the best of one's talents and abilities, throughout one's lifetime, without either financial remuneration or monetary profit of any kind whatsoever. To freely render such service in behalf of the human race, that peace and joy might some day erase the age-old signs of suffering and privation, from the fear-lined faces of the world's starving and homeless millions;

6th. When the order is publicly released announcing the program of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, to thereafter ceaselessly strive to direct the thoughts of those to whom the program is presented,—not to one's official position, importance or personality,—but wholly to the value of The Institute's program, and to the eternal and unchanging dependability of the leadership of "Constructive Ideas," based upon the "Golden Rule" and equality of economic security for all. To ceaselessly strive to prove to mankind the wisdom of selecting such ideas as the only solid or safe foundation upon which to build a new world-wide economic system and to do so in order that the value of useful and constructive

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ideas may thereby be recognized as a more dependable type of leadership to support and to follow, than the constantly changing, and seldom dependable qualities of human personality, "which are here for a day and have gone on the morrow."

These vows together with a number of similar and irrevocable pledges, constituted the conditions under which some hundreds of deeply sincere young men and women were selected from the world's various civilized nations, and accepted as co-workers by the members of The Institute's Research and Administration Department.

Before the end of the year 1936, the beneficial influence of this International Legion of Vigilantes was recognized and willingly accepted by many of the clear-thinking men and women of every nation. Although but few of its members will ever be known to the public,—due to the hazard of revealing their identities and the obstructions which would thereafter be invariably placed in their way by subversive influences,—nevertheless, their efforts will be increasingly felt through the avenues of world newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, moving pictures, pulpits, and lecture platforms. The world will never know the identity of the individuals "primarily responsible" for the dissemination of the many warnings and recommendations publicly promulgated through such avenues, but the effort of preparing the thoughts of mankind for The Institute's thirty (30) day program, will ceaselessly be going forward. Their ideals,—frequently voiced by ministers, lecturers and writers, who are unknowingly repeating ideas originally released to the world

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by The Institute's Legion of Vigilantes,—are rapidly preparing public thought for The Institute's inspiring, "War and Poverty-destroying,"—revolutionary proclamation and 30-day program.

During the past fifteen years the members of The International Legion of Vigilantes have not only been obliged to remain entirely unknown to one another, but they have likewise never been permitted to know the identity of any member of The Institute's Research Department. Though trained to recognize certain symbols of identification, which would enable them to know that the one from whom they receive their orders and instructions is fully empowered and authorized to act directly for The Institute, nevertheless, neither the voice nor the physical features of such an individual have ever been known to any member of the Vigilantes. The voice and features of each of the Vigilantes are, of course, familiar to the various members of The Institute,—who have given them their instructions and orders during the past fifteen years,—however, these directors will never be privileged to reveal their own identities in connection with the activities of The Institute to any of their Vigilante co-workers. An insistence upon these extreme precautions has been necessary in order that even under the influences of torture, no member could ever be made to reveal the identity of any official or other direct associate of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, or of The International Legion of Vigilantes.

The Pacific Coast Division of North America, is the only branch of The Institute's organization which is authorized

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to publish information of any kind whatsoever, relative to either The Institute or its Vigilantes. This branch is operated under the name of The International Registration Bureau, and any printed or written statements not emanating from such Pacific Coast Division, and duly copyrighted under the Laws of The United States of America, are wholly unauthorized and spurious.

Although many hundreds of The Institute's Vigilantes have been ceaselessly active during the past fifteen years,—and will continue so until the conclusion of the 30-day proclamation and official program,—the majority of them are none-the-less obliged to withhold any acknowledgment of their official association with either The Institute or its program, both before and after its consummation. In no other way can the danger of "personality leadership" be permanently avoided. In no other way will The Institute's "Ideas and Ideals" be accepted by the public as the only lastingly dependable form of leadership, and that which they should support and work for, rather than the human personality of some individual—be he ever so worthy—who may be here today for men to follow, hut gone by tomorrow.

Three plus three equaled six a million years ago, and it will still equal six a million years from now. True ideas never change and never leave us, they are always here for us to act upon, but people whom we are willing to work for and follow frequently annul the effects of our efforts and sacrifices when they pass on, whereas the efforts we expend to promulgate or advance a constructive idea are lasting and do not lose their beneficial effect when some

p. 59

human being passes on. If mankind had worked for the world's acceptance of good and constructive ideas such as the Golden Rule—Unity of Action for the equal benefit of all etc., instead of striving to help some human being to develop power or influence which would largely disappear within a few weeks after he passed on,—this world would by now have almost become the Heaven which Christ Jesus tried to teach mankind is here and at hand, whenever men will learn to live together as brothers instead of like wolves, and will strive for the universal adoption of right ideas of human relationship instead of the glorification of human personalities.

The "Golden Rule" and all for which it stands, will be indestructibly blended into the structure and charter of the great co-operative corporation which will be formed by a world-wide vote of acceptance at the conclusion of . The Institute's 30-day program. The eternally good,—and by agreement—permanently unchangeable nature of a charter and set of by-laws irrevocably wedded to the Golden Rule and the great universal and changeless laws of God,—to which Christ Jesus referred in His teachings which men have named "The Sermon on the Mount,"—constitute the "One and Only Form of Leadership" which will ever bring war and poverty to an end in the lives of men.

This great co-operatively owned Universal Service Corporation will have its officials and executives, and its Board of Directors selected for office on the basis of their talents and unselfish desires to serve mankind, and not because of favoritism or the fact that they may be relatives

p. 60

or friends of some other official or director. Nor will those who become officials through the majority vote of the employees and of their associate workers, ever be granted the power to alter the corporation's charter or policy of relationship with the public and its members or employees. The men and women who will be invited by formal vote to become the members of an executive board, will occupy such positions, not for personal gain, power or self-glorification, but solely for the purpose of officially directing the production and distribution of the necessities and luxuries of human life, together with the numerous educational and benevolent activities of this world-wide Universal Service Corporation, in behalf of the human race. Inasmuch as their share of its products and benefits will be no greater than even the most lowly employee, there will be no jealousy of them, although it will of course be considered an honor to have attained to such a position of service. Through the adoption of an unalterable feature of the proposed corporation charter, no one will be permitted to occupy any official or honorary position longer than three years. This ruling will not only provide all capable workers with an opportunity to occupy the most desirable positions, but through such rotation in office, it will also prevent envy, jealousy, or the feelings of superiority or self-importance, which frequently arise when one is in charge of others who will never be able to advance as far as such a one.

The task of inviting some two hundred million (200,000,000) of the intelligently industrious and clear-thinking men and women of the principal civilized nations, to indicate their interest in the release of The Institute's

p. 61

free 30-day program, and the establishment of its International Corporation, has been,—without hope of financial remuneration or public recognition of any kind whatsoever,—willingly accepted by each unit of the world-wide membership of The International Legion of Vigilantes.

These men and women who have given generously and unstintingly of the past fifteen years of their lives to what has frequently been a most hazardous form of public service, will never receive either the slightest advantage of salary or position, when they later apply,—unknown as Vigilantes,—to the Corporation's publicly elected Boards of Examiners for a position to which they may believe their capabilities or talents qualify them. Each of these men and women, over fifteen years ago, waived any and all advantages which might normally be expected to accrue to them in recognition of such services as they have rendered. It was the desire to serve mankind which constituted the sole motive of their original acceptance of The Institute's offer to instruct them in its program, and they are willing in this most severe manner to remain unknown, and thereby prove the sincerity of their purpose.

That the world may be given at least a slight concept of what these vows of service have cost those who made them, and that a fuller appreciation of the vitally important and "Unselfed Service-inspiring Nature" of The Institute's program may be universally recognized, this little book is published as a living testimony to the fact that each of the hundreds of men and women who made such vows, would willingly do so again, even though they now know and have felt the full weight of the sacrifices which have resulted therefrom.

p. 62

That they might aid in bringing to fulfillment the vision of a world in which there would be no more wars,—no more poverty,—no more starving and broken-spirited men, women and little children, the members of The International Legion of Vigilantes, (The Institute's co-workers), have willingly and without complaint or regret sacrificed what the world would term the youthful and most highly-prized years of their lives.

That there might be no more fear-filled, tear-stained faces, or broken hearts from the age-old curses of manmade wars and poverty, these young men and women during the past fifteen years have devoted their Saturday afternoons, their Sundays, holidays and vacation periods, as well as all other leisure hours, in ceaseless study and preparation for the various responsibilities they will be expected to assume during The Institute's 30-day program of public proclamations.

During these past fifteen years they have each had but one vacation period of less than ten (10) days' time. They have also been allowed an average of but three Saturday or Sunday afternoons each year, for their own use. The remainder of their time, when not engaged in their respective vocations or professions, has been freely given to assist The Research Department of The Institute, and to receive their necessary instructions and training.

Without compensation,—or any privilege in the future of ever receiving either financial rewards, expressions of public recognition or any personal forms of appreciation, these young people have voluntarily denied themselves

p. 63

not only their leisure hours, but also the joys of either a home or a family. The world has had to be their home, and its millions of starving, fear-filled homeless little children,—their children.

The world's citizens will be asked to make no such sacrifices, nor to subject themselves to either danger or self-denial, "but they 'ARE' asked for their moral support," good will and encouragement, by carefully and understandingly reading this Bulletin and bringing it to the attention of all clear-thinking men and women throughout the world. Only when this has been done, and when The Institute's Sponsors are assured by its Vigilantes, that at least two hundred million (200,000,000) clear-thinking men and women have received its warnings, and an invitation to attend its 30 days of free, simultaneously-released, world-wide proclamations, can the Research Department safely disclose its discoveries to the human race, or present its program for the establishment of a great, equally-owned, profit-sharing Universal Service Corporation, for a world-wide vote of acceptance or rejection.

Any plan of procedure which did not have such an assurance of simultaneous world-wide attention, and an organization consisting of a sufficient number of people to protect and immediately apply its recommendations through the concerted action of not less than two hundred million (200,000,000) individuals,—and "in all parts of the world simultaneously"—would through lack of sufficient strength or influence,—be doomed to certain destruction by those who control the world's financial structure.

p. 64

We ask, therefore, only the assurance of public attention during a 30-day period,—the dates of which will be internationally announced in the manner described in the concluding chapter of this Bulletin;—and at the end of said 30-day program, that you cast your vote either for or against The Institute's recommendations in accordance with your own individual and unbiased judgment.

In recognition of the adage that "Like attracts like" The Institute's various co-workers have—since the year 1919—been preparing to organize and draw around them, groups of people who would understand and appreciate similar ideals, and be motivated by aspirations similar to their own. Certain aspects of our program have been gradually imparted to these groups in preparation for the time when Our Research Department, during its international 30-day proclamation, would fully warn mankind of the war of extermination which is planned—by the world's War Lords and its Hidden Rulers—to bring about the slaughter of four hundred million (400,000,000) educated and religious people. The consummation of this plot can only be thwarted by the concerted action of not less than two hundred million (200,000,000) unselfish, intelligent, and clear-thinking men and women. However, it is believed that the present influence of the Institute will succeed in temporarily delaying this orgy of wholesale murder.

Although most of The Institute's preliminarily-formed organizations and groups of people, have not been made aware of the fact that the ideals they have had described to them,—or in other instances, the warnings they have received,—emanate from the Research Staff of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration,—

p. 65

nor have they even been made aware of the fact that there is such a research bureau in existence,—nevertheless, their thoughts are being gradually prepared through many avenues today, such as newspapers, books, magazines, radio broadcasts, moving pictures, pulpits and lecture platforms, in order that they may be unprejudiced and receptive at such a time as The Institute's sixty (60) years of investigations, discoveries and revolutionary mechanical inventions, are offered to the world.

Many of Our Research Department's discoveries are so startling, that human indignation over the atrocities of greed., selfishness and bestiality, in the lives of those whom the human race has looked to for leadership, will cause the world's intelligently industrious and right-thinking men and women to raise their voices in one mighty worldwide demand for a new medium of currency, and the destruction of a monetary system which makes men into swinish monsters. They will demand that those who uphold "Man's inhumanity to man," be no longer allowed to dictate either the world's financial, industrial, political or educational policies, nor allowed to perpetuate poverty in a world of plenty, and the wholesale slaughter, century after century, of millions upon millions of human beings in revolutions and wars, planned and executed solely for the profit of those who barter in human suffering, that they may thereby add to their power or wealth.

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