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p. 34


The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle, and he sendeth forth words to the gods who are in it.

AA-KHEPERU-MES-ARU is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth.

METCH-QA-UTEBU is the name of this City. [This is] the secret Circle of Amentet whereto KHEPERA joineth himself before Ra, and the gods, and the spirits, and the dead cry out from it over the secret representations (or, images) Of AKERT.

Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of Ament, and whosoever knoweth them by their names shall journey round about in the Tuat, and shall travel through it, and he shall not be driven back, and he shall flourish with Ra.

TENTENIT-HESQ-KHAKABU is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through the secret ways of this City.

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