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p. 32


When the majesty of this great god hath taken up his position in this Circle, he sendeth forth words from his Boat to the gods who dwell therein, and the sailors join the, Boat of this great god in this City.

SAA-KEB is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth to take up his position on the stream which is in this City.

BES-ARU is the name of this City, which is the secret Circle of AMENTET, wherein take up their positions in the Tuat this great god and his sailors.

Whosoever maketh [a copy of] these things in their names according to the similitudes which are in writing on the east [wall] of the Hidden Palace of the Tuat, and whosoever knoweth their names upon earth, and knoweth their habitations in Amentet, shall rest in his habitation in the Tuat, and he shall stand up among the lords of the provisions of the gods, and his voice shall be maat before the tchatcha beings on the day of the reckoning of Pharaoh (literally, the thrice great house). And these things shall act as magical protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth.

MAK-NEB-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god in this Circle.

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