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p. 30


When the majesty of this great god hath taken up his position in the secret Circles of those who are in their sand, he sendeth forth words to them from out of his Boat, and the gods tow along him that is in the holy embrace (?) of the serpent MEHEN.

AHA-AN-URT-F is the name of the gate of this City.

TEBAT-NETERU-SET is the name of this City.

As for the secret Circle of AMENTET, this great god maketh his way over it in his Boat, by means of the towing of the gods who are in the Tuat.

Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these things according to the similitude which is in writing on the north [wall] of the Hidden Palace in the Tuat, and whosoever shall know them by their names, shall be in the condition of one who is fully provided with swathings on the earth, and he shall never be repulsed at the secret gates, and he shall have abundant offerings in the great funeral hall regularly and unfailingly for millions of years.

NEBT-USHA is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god.

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