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p. 36


The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle, and he sendeth forth words unto the gods who are therein.

SEKHEN-TUATIU is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth.

RE-EN-QERERT-APT-KHAT is the name of this City. [This is] the secret Circle of the Tuat into which this great god passeth on his way, and [he] cometh forth at the eastern mountain of the sky, the eater of eternity. The form thereof is in the presence of the serpent PETRA, which dwelleth in this City, and they (i.e., the gods) place themselves in the train of [Ra] when the birth of KHEPER upon earth is about to take place.

Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of the palace of Ament in the hidden [places] of the Tuat, and whosoever knoweth them shall be in the position of him that divideth his offering, and of him who is a spirit who is suitably equipped [to travel] both in heaven and upon earth, regularly and unceasingly.

SEBIT-NEB-UAA-KHESEF-SEBIU-EM-PERT-F is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god in this Circle.

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