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p. 16


This great god is towed along over the ways of Maat of the Tuat through the upper half of this secret Circle of the god SEKER, who is upon his sand, and he neither looketh upon nor gazeth at the secret figure of the earth which containeth the flesh of this god. The gods who are in [the train of] this god hear the words of Ra, who crieth unto them from where this god is.

AHA-NETERU is the name of the door [of this City].

AMENT is the name of the Circle of this god, [and in it are] the secret path of Amentet, and the doors of the hidden palace, and the holy place of the LAND OF SEKER [with his] flesh, and [his] members, [and his] body, in the divine form which they had at first.

BAIU-AMU-TUAT is the name of the gods who are in [this] Circle. Their forms (aru) who are in their hour,

p. 17

and their secret shapes (kheperu) neither know, nor look upon, nor see this image (or, similitude) of SEKER (or, the hawk) himself.

Whosoever shall make these representations according to the image which is in writing in the hidden places of the Tuat, at the south of the Hidden Palace, and whosoever shall know them shall be at peace, and his soul shall unite itself to the offerings of SEKER, and the goddess KHEMIT shall not hack his body in pieces, and he shall go on his way towards her in peace. Whosoever shall make offerings to these gods upon earth--[these offerings, I say, shall act as magical protectors to that man upon earth, and in NETER-KHERT, regularly and unfailingly].

SEM-HER-AB-UAA-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field.

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