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p. 13


The majesty of this great god, having been towed along, afterwards taketh up his position in the secret Circle of AMENTET, and he performeth the affairs of the gods of the Tuat who are therein by means of his voice, but he seeth them not.

ANKH-KHEPERU is the name of the gate of this Circle.

AMENT-SETHAU is the name of this Circle.

Whosoever knoweth this representation of the hidden roads of RE-STATET, and the holy paths of the AMMEHET, and the secret doors which are in the Land Of SEKER, the god who is upon his sand, shall be in the condition of him that eateth the bread-cakes which are [made] for the mouth of the LIVING gods in the Temple of Tem.

Whosoever knoweth this shall be in the condition of him that is maat on the ways, and he shall journey

p. 14

over the roads of RE-SETHAU, and he shall see the representations of the AMMEHET.

URT-EM-SEKHEMU-SET is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god.

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