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This great god afterwards taketh up his position in the Fields of the PERU-gods (i.e., the Fighters), and

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this great god paddleth his way over the STREAM OF OSIRIS (NET-ASAR) in sailing up this Field, which is three hundred and nine ATRU long, and one hundred and twenty ATRU wide. This great god uttereth words to those who are in the following of Osiris to this City, and he allotteth unto them estates which are situated in this Field.

BAIU-SHETAIU (i.e., Hidden Souls) is the name of the gods who are in this Field, and whosoever knoweth their names upon earth shall be able to approach to the place where Osiris is, and there shall be given unto him water for his Field.

NET-NEB-UA-KHEPER-AUATU is the name of this Field. Whosoever shall know these hidden similitudes of the Hidden Souls in the correct forms wherein they are depicted in Ament of the Tuat--now the beginning of such representations should be from Amentet--[these figures I say] shall act as magical protectors to that man upon earth, [and] in Neter-khert, regularly and unfailingly.

Whosoever knoweth these, when he is making his journey past them shall escape from their roarings, and he shall not fall down into their furnaces (or, pits).

Whosoever knoweth this, when 'he is keeping ward over [his] seat (or, place), his bread-cake shall be with Ra; and whosoever knoweth this, being soul [and] spirit, shall have the mastery over his legs, and shall never enter into the place of destruction, but he shall

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come forth with his attributes (or, forms), and shall snuff the air for his hour.

THENTENT-BAIU is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field.

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