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This great god afterwards taketh up his position in UR-NEST, which is three hundred and nine ATRU in length, and one hundred and twenty ATRU in width.

The name of the gods who are in this Field is, BAIU-TUATI. Whosoever knoweth their names shall have his existence with them, and unto him shall this great god allot fields in the place wherein they are in the FIELD OF URNES. He shall stand up with the Gods who Stand Up (AHAU), he shall travel on in the following

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of this great god, he shall enter into the earth, he shall force a way through the Tuat, he shall cleave a passage through the tresses of the gods with flowing hair (HENKSU), he shall travel on by the EATER OF THE ASS (AM-AA) after the emptying of the lands, he shall eat bread-cakes in the Boat of the Earth, and there shall be given unto him the fore-part of TATUBA.

Whosoever shall have made in writing (or, in drawing) similitudes of the BAIU-TUATI (i.e., the Souls of the Tuat) in the forms in which they are in Ament of the Tuat-now the beginning of such representations should be from Amentet,--and whosoever shall make offerings unto them upon earth in their names, [these things I say] shall act as magical protectors to that person upon earth, regularly and unfailingly.

And whosoever shall know the words which the gods of the Tuat speak to this god, and the words which are said by him to them when he is approaching the gods of the Tuat, [these words I say] shall act as magical protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth, regularly and unfailingly.

SHESAT-MAKET-NEB-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field.

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