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p. 20


The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in the stream of NEBT-MU-TUATIU (i.e., the Lord of the waters of the gods of the Tuat), and he sendeth forth words to the gods who are therein, and he commandeth that they have the mastery over their divine offerings in this City. He maketh his way through this Field, being provided with his Boat, and he setteth apart by his words the estates which are [to produce] their offerings in this City, and he giveth to them water for their lakes, and he travelleth through the Tuat every day.

SEPT-METU is the name of the door of this City.

p. 21

The secret roads of Amentet, and the manner wherein this great god is being rowed along over the water therein in his boat to perform the plans (or, affairs) of the gods of the Tuat, the gathering together [of them] by their names, the manifestations of their shapes (or, forms), and [their] secret hours, such are the things of which the secret representation of the Tuat is not known to men and women.

Whosoever shall make [a copy of] this image in writing, according to the representation of the same which is in the hidden things of the Tuat, at the south of the Hidden Palace, and whosoever shall know them shall be in the condition of one who awardeth offerings in abundance in the Tuat, and he shall be united to the offerings of the gods who are in the following of Osiris, and his Parents (or, kinsfolk) shall make the offerings which are obligatory on the earth.

The majesty of this great god sendeth forth words, and he giveth divine offerings to [the gods of] the Tuat, and he standeth up by them; and they see him, and they have dominion over their Fields and over the gifts made to them, and they effect their transformations by reason of the words which this great god hath spoken unto them.

METCHET-NEBT-TUATIU is the name of this Field, which is the road of the Boat of Ra.

MESPERIT-AR-MAAT is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this country.

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