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(1) A remedy to cure water in a woman. The first remedy; salt and oil; pound; apply to the vulva (?) daily (?) two days.

(2) After the two days, the second remedy: White lead, you pound it with a little pigment from an oil-dealer (3) very carefully; you put true oil of fine quality to it, together with an egg and pound them; you take a strip (4) of linen cloth which is fine-spun (?); you dip it in this medicament. She must bathe in the bath, she must (5) wash in good wine; you put the medicated strip on her; you draw (?) it in (and) (6) out of her vulva for a short time, like the phallus of a man, until the medicament (7) spreads (?), you remove it, you leave her till evening; when evening comes, you dip a bandage (?) in genuine honey, (8) you put it on her until morning, for three, otherwise said four, days.

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