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(1) A medicament to stop blood: juice of 'Great Nile(?)' plant (2) together with beer; you make the woman drink it in the morning (3) before she has eaten; then it stops.

(4) The way to know it of a woman whether she is enceinte: you make the woman (5) pass her water on this herb as above again (6) in the evening; when the morning comes and if you find the plant (7) scorched (?), she will not conceive; if you find it (8) flourishing, she will conceive.

(9) A medicament to stop blood: Leaf of sheisha, (10) leaf of 'fly-bronze,' fresh; pound, put (it) (11) on you, you lie with the woman. Another: myrrh, (12) garlic, gall of a gazelle; pound with (13) old scented wine; put (it) on you, you lie with her.

(14) Asphodelos, (15) otherwise called 'wild onion.'

p. 178 p. 179

(16) Khelkebe, (17) otherwise called 'wild garlic.'

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