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(1) Medicament for an ear that is watery.

(2) Salt, heat with good wine; (3) you apply to it after cleansing (?) it first. (4) You scrape salt, heat with wine; (5) you apply to it for four days.

(6) σαλαμάνδρα, (7) a small lizard (8) which is of the colour of chrysolite. (9). It has no feet.

(10) 'Ram's horn,' κεφαλική is its name, (11) a herb which is like a wild fennel bush; (12) its leaf and its stem

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are incised like (13) the 'love-man' plant: you pound it when it is dry, you gather (?) it, (14) you make it into a dry powder; you apply it to any wound; then it is cured.

Styrax, (16) it grows like slom (?) (17) as to its leaf; its seed is twisted (18) like the 'ram's horn' plant, it bearing (19) a small spine at its end.

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