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(1) Medicament [for a catalepsy (?). Gall of ceras]tes, (2) pips (?) of western apples, herb of klo. (3) Grind them together, make into a ball, put it into wine(?), and drink (?).

(4) Lees of wine. (5) It is a white stone like (6) galbanum.

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[paragraph continues] There is another sort which is made (7) into lime (?).

The way to know it (8) that it is genuine is this: You grind a little (9) with water; you rub it on the skin (10) of a man for a short time; then it (11) removes the skin. (12) Its name in Greek (?) ἀφροσέληνον, (13) 'Foam of the moon,' it is a white stone.

(14) A medicament for making a woman love a man: Fruit(?) of acacia; (15) grind with honey, anoint his phallus with it, (16) you (sic) lie with the woman.

(17) 'Foam of the moon'; this is a white stone like (18) glass, (when?) it is rubbed into fragments like orpiment.

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