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(1) Another to follow it: Juice of a cucumber which has been rubbed down, one ladleful (?), water of the ears of a kle-animal, one ladleful (?) like the ladle (2) of a (wine-)cup; you add a uteh-measure of good wine to them; and she drinks it at midday, before she has (3) eaten anything whatever, after bathing in the bath, which she has done before; when evening comes, you put the rag (?) (4) with honey on her as above for seven days.

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Another to follow: You take a new dish; you put (5) ten uteh-measures of old sweet wine on it; you put a half kite of fresh rue on it from (6) dawn till midday; let her bathe in the bath, and come out and drink it. When it is evening (7) you put honey on her as above again for seven days.

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