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(1a) For catalepsy (?)--another: (2a) flour of wild dates (3a) which has been beaten up (?) with milk, (4a) .... (5a) you make them up together into a ball, (and) put in the wine. (1) A medicament, when you wish to drug (?) a man--tested:--(2) scammony root, 1 drachm, (3) opium, 1 drachm; pound with milk, (4) you make it into a ball and put it into some food (?), (5) which is cooked (?), and let him eat it; then he is upset.

(6) Another, when you wish to make a man sleep for two days: (7) mandragora root, 1 ounce, (8) liquorice (?),

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[paragraph continues] 1 ounce, (9) hyoscyamus, 1 ounce, (10) ivy, 1 ounce; (11) you pound them like (sic) a lok-measure of wine. If you wish to do it cleverly (?) (12) you take four portions to each one of them with an uteh of wine, (13) you moisten them from morning to evening; you clarify them, (14) you make them drink it; very good.

Another, the fourth (?):--pips (?) [of] (15) apple, 1 stater (?), 1 kite, pound with flour.(16) You make it into a cake (?); you make the man eat it, whom you wish. (17) A medicament for making a man sleep; very good:--(18) pips (?) of apple, 1 stater (?), 1 drachma, mandragora root, 4 drachmas, (19) ivy, 4 drachmas; pound together; you put fifteen (20) uteh of wine to it; you put it into a glass glyt; (21) you keep it. If you wish to give it, you put a little into a cup of wine, (22) you give it to the man.

Ivy: it grows in gardens, (23) its leaf is like the leaf of shekam, being divided into three lobes (24) like a vine-leaf; It (the leaf) is one palm in measurement; its blossom (25) is like silver--another says gold.

Another: gall of an Alexandrian weasel, (26) you add it to any food.

Another: a two-tailed lizard.

(27) A medicament for catalepsy (?): gall of cerastes, pips(?) of western apples, herb of klo, (28)pound them together; make into a pill, put (it) into the food(?).

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(29) Another: You put camel's blood with the blood of a dead man (30) into the wine; you make the man drink it; then he dies.

(31) Another: You put a night-jar's blood into his eye; then he is blinded.

(32) Another: You put a bat's blood; this is the manner of it again.

(33) Another: You drown a hawk in a jar of wine; you make the man drink it; (34) then it does its work. A shrew-mouse (?) in the same way; it does (35) its work also. Its gall also, you add it to the wine, (36) then it does its work very much. You put the gall (37) of an Alexandrian weasel into any food; then it does its work. You put a (38) two-tailed lizard into the oil and you cook it with it; you anoint (39) the man with it; then it does its work.

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