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(1) A spell to inflict (?) Catalepsy (?) Formula: (2) You take an ass's head, and you place it between your feet opposite the sun in the morning when it is about to rise, (3) opposite it again in the evening when it goes to the setting, and you anoint your right foot with set-stone (4)of Syria, and your left foot with clay, the soles (?) of your foot also and place your right hand (5) in front and your left hand behind, the head being between them. You anoint your hand, of your two hands, with ass's blood, (6) and the two fnz of your mouth, and utter these charms towards the sun in the morning and evening of four days, then (7) he sleeps. If you wish to make him die, you do it for seven days, you do its magic, you bind a thread of palm-fibre (8) to your hand, a mat (?) of wild palm-fibre to your phallus and your head; very excellent. This is the invocation which you utter before the sun: (9) 'I invoke thee who art in the void air, terrible, invisible, (10) almighty, god of gods dealing destruction and making desolate, O thou

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that hatest (11) a household well established. When thou wast cast out of Egypt and out of (12) the country thou wast entitled, "He that destroyeth all and is unconquered." (13) I invoke thee, Typhon Set, I perform thy ceremonies of divination, (14) for I invoke thee by thy powerful name in (words?) which thou canst not (15) refuse to hear; Io erbeth, lopakerbeth, Iobolkhoseth, Iopatathnax, (16) Iosoro, Ioneboutosoualeth, Aktiophi, Ereskhigal, Neboposoaleth, (17) Aberamenthoou, Lerthexanax, Ethreluoth, Nemareba, Aemina, (18) entirely (?) come to me and approach and strike down Him or Her with frost and (19) fire; he has wronged me, and has poured out the blood of Typhon(?) beside (?) him (20) or her: therefore I do these things.' Common form.

(21) To divine, opposite the moon. You do it by vessel-inquiry alone or (with) a child. If it is you who will inquire, you fill your eye (22) with green eye-paint (and) stibium, you stand on a high place, on the top of your house, you address the moon when it fills (23) the uzat on the 15th day, you being pure for three days; you pronounce this invocation to the moon seven or nine times until he appear to you (34) and speak to you: 'Ho! Sax, Amun, Sax, Abrasax; for thou art the moon, (25) the chief of the stars, he that did form them, listen to the things that I have(?) said, follow the (words) of my mouth, reveal thyself to me, Than, (26) Thana, Thanatha, otherwise Thei, this is my correct name.' Nine (times) of saying it until she (sic) reveal herself to thee.

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(27) Another form of it again, to be pronounced to the moon. You paint your eye with this paint, you (going?) up before the moon when it fills the uzat, then you see the figure of the god in the uzat (28) speaking unto you: 'I am Hah, Qo, Amro, Ma-amt, Mete is my name, for I am ... bai, So, Akanakoup, (29) Melkh, Akh, Akh, Hy, Melkh is my true ... (bis) ... eternity, I am Khelbai, Setet, Khen (?)-em-nefer is my name, Sro, Oshenbet, is my correct name.' (30) Say it nine times. You stand opposite the moon, your eye being filled with this ointment;--green eye-paint (and) stibium, grind with Syrian honey and put the gall of a chick (31) full grown to it, and put it on a thing of glass, and lay it (by) for yourself in a hidden place till the time when you are ready for it; then you do it again as above.

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