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(1) The words of the lamp for inquiry of the boy. (2) Formula: 'Te, Te, Ik, Tatak, Thethe, (3) Sati, Santaskl, Kromakat, (4) Pataxurai, Kaleu-pankat, A-a-tieui, (5) Makat-sitakat, Hati, Hat-ro, E-o-e, (6) Hau (?). E; may they say to me an answer to everything concerning which I ask here to-day, (7) for I am Harpocrates in Mendes, for I am Isis the Wise; (8) the speech of my mouth comes to pass.' Say seven times. You take a new lamp (?), (9) you put a clean linen wick into it brought from a temple, (10) and you set it on a new brick, brought from the mould (?) and clean, on which

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[paragraph continues] (11) no man has mounted (?); you set it upright, you place the lamp (?) (12) on it; you put genuine oil in it, or Oasis oil, (13) and you set two new bricks under you; you place the boy between (14) your feet; you recite the charms aforesaid down into the head of the boy, (15) your hand being over his eyes; you offer myrrh upon a willow leaf (16) before the lamp. You do it in a dark place, the door of it (17) opening to the East or the South, and no cellar being underneath it. (18) You do not allow the light to come into the place aforesaid; you purify the said place beforehand. (19) You push the boy's back to the opening of the niche. When you have finished, you recite a charm, (20) bringing your hand over his eyes, A boy who has not yet gone with a woman, (21) is he] whom you make come before you (?); you question him, saying. 'What do you see?' (22) Then he tells you about everything that you ask him. (23)

A method to put the heart of a woman after a man; done in one moment (?), and it comes to pass instantly. You take (24) a swallow (?) alive, together with a hoopoe, (both) alive. Ointment made for them: (25) blood, of a male ass, blood of the tick (?) of a black cow; you anoint (26) their heads with lotus ointment; you utter a cry before the sun in his moment of rising; (27) you cut off the heads of the two; you take the heart out of the right ribs (28) of both of them; you anoint it with the ass's blood and the blood of the tick (?) of a black cow, (29)

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as aforesaid; you put them into an ass's skin you lay them in the sun until they (30) are dry for four days; when the four days have passed, you pound them, you put them into a (31) box; you lay it in your house.

When you wish to make a woman love a man, you take (32) the shaving (?) of a pleasure-wood (?); you recite these correct names before them; (33) you put it into a cup of wine or beer; you give it to the woman and she drinks it. (34) 'I am Bira, Akhel, La-akh, Sasmrialo (?), (35) Ples-plun, Ioane, Sabaathal, Sasupu, (36) Nithi, put the heart of N. born of N. after N. born of N. in (37) these hours to-day.' Seven times. You do it on the fourteenth of the lunar month. Very excellent.

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