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(1) The vessel-inquiry of Chons.

'[Homage?] to thee, Chons-in-Thebes-Nefer-hotep, the noble child that came forth from the lotus, Horus, lord of time (?), one he is ... (2) Ho! silver, lord of silver, Shentei, lord of Shentei, lord of the disk. the great god, the vigorous bull, the Son of the Ethiopian, come to me, noble child, the great god that is in (3) the disk, who pleaseth men (?), Pomo, who is called the mighty bull (bis), the great god that is in the Uzat, that came forth from the four [boundaries?] (4) of eternity, the punisher of the flesh (?), whose name is not known, nor his nature, nor his likeness (?). I know thy name, I know thy nature, I [know] (5) thy likeness. Great is thy name, Heir is thy name, Excellent is thy name, Hidden is thy name. Mighty one of the gods is thy name, "He whose name is hidden from all the gods" is thy name, Om, (6) Mighty Am is thy name, "All the gods" is thy name, Lotus-lion-ram is thy name, "Loou comes, lord of the lands" (bis) is thy name, Amakhr of heaven is thy name, ''Lotus-flower of stars (?)

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[paragraph continues] (7) cometh, "Ei-io Ne-ei-o is thy name. Thy form is a scarab with the face of a ram; its tail a hawk's, it wearing (?) two panther-skins(?). Thy [serpent is a serpent?] (8) of eternity, thine orbit (?) a lunar month, thy tree a vine-tree and persea(?), thy herb the herb of Amen, thy fowl of heaven a heron, thy fish of [the deep(?)] (9) a black lebes. They are established on earth. Yb is thy name in thy body in (?) the sea, thy figure of stone in which thou camest forth is a ...; (10) heaven is thy shrine, the Earth thy fore-court; it was my will (?) to seize thee here to-day, for I am one shining, enduring: my ... (11) faileth (?) if I have not done it through (?) the delay, I not having discovered thy name, O great god whose name is great, the lord of the threshing-floor (?) of heaven. (But) I have done it, [enduring?] hunger (12) for bread, and thirst for water; and do thou rescue (?) me and make me prosper and give me praise, love, and reverence before every man. For I am(?) the [mighty] bull, (13) the great god that is in the Uzat, that came forth from the four regions (?) of space (?). I am Hune (youth), the great name that is in heaven, whom they call ... (14) Amphoou (bis), "True" (bis), "He is praised to (?) Abydos." "Ra," "Horus the boy" is my name, "Chief of the gods" is my correct name, preserve me, make me to prosper, make my vessel to become [successful?]. (15) Open to

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me Arkhah before every god and every man that hath come forth from the stone of Ptah. For I am the serpent that came forth from Nun, I am a(16) proud (?) Ethiopian, a rearing serpent of real gold, there being honey in my (?) lips; that which I shall say cometh. to pass at once. Ho! (17) mighty one, for I am Anubis, the baby creature (?); I am Isis and I will bind him, I am Osiris and I will bind him, I am Anubis [and I will bind] him. Thou wilt save me from every .... (18) and every place of confusion(?). Lasmatnout, Lesmatot, protect me, heal me, give me love, praise and reverence in my vessel (19), my bandage (?) here to-day. Come to me, Isis, mistress of magic, the great sorceress of all the gods. Horus is before me, Isis behind me, Nephthys as my diadem, (20) a snake of the son(s) of Atum is that which ... a uraeus-diadem at my head; for he that shall strike (?) me (?) shall strike (?) King Mont here to-day ... (21) Mihos, mighty one shall send out a lion of the sons of Mihos under compulsion to fetch them to me (bis) the souls of god, the souls (22) of man, the souls of the Underworld, the souls of the horizon, the spirits, the dead, so that they tell me the truth to-day concerning that

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after which I am inquiring: for I am (23) Horus son of Isis who goeth on board at Arkhah to put wrappings on the amulets, to put linen on the Drowned one, (24) the fair Drowned one of the drowned (?). They shall rise, they shall flourish at the mouths of my vessel, my bandage (?), my word-seeking (?). (25) Arouse them for me (bis), the spirits, the dead; rouse their souls and forms at (?) the mouths of my vessel; rouse them for me (26) with the dead; rouse [them] for me (bis); rouse their souls and their forms. The fury of Pessiwont ("Her (whose) son is Wont"), the daughter of Ar ... (27) rouse them for me (bis) the Unti from their places of punishment, let them talk with their mouths, let them speak with their lips, let them say that which I have said, [about that which] (28) I am asking them here to-day; let them speak before (?) me, let truth happen to me; do not substitute a face for a face, a name for a true (bis) name [without] (29) falsehood in it. [Ho?] scarab of true lapislazuli that sitteth at the pool of Pharaoh Osiris Unnefer! (30) fill thy mouth with the water of [the pool?], pour it on my head together with him who is at my hand; make me prosper, make him prosper, and. conversely, until my words [happen?], let (31) that which I say come to pass; for if that which I have said do not come to pass, I will cause fire to go round about this Seoue until that which I have said do come to pass; for [they came] (32) to the earth, they listened to me ... they said to me, "Who art thou?" (bis), I am Atum in the sun-boat of Phre;

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[paragraph continues] I am Ariotatu, the Shto of (33) I looked out before ... to observe Osiris the Ethiopian, he came into my head, there being two sons of Anubis in front of him, [two] sons of Ophois behind him, (34) two sons of Rere mooring him. They said to me "Who art thou?" (bis), I am one of those two hawks that watch over Isis and Osiris, the diadem, the .... (35) with its glory (?) ..., bring them to me (bis), the souls of god, the souls of man, the souls of the Underworld, the souls of the horizon,

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