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(1) the spirits, the dead; let them tell me the truth to-day in that about which I shall ask: for I am Artemi ... se(?)-mau, rising in the East. (2) Come in to me, Anubis with thy fair face, I have come to pray to thee. Woe(?) (bis), fire (bis), [South, North,] West, East, (3) every breeze of Amenti, let them come into being, proved (bis), established, correct, enchanted, like the fury [of the great one] of reverence; for I am (4) Iae, Iao, Iaea, Iao, Sabaoth, Atone; for I cast fury at thee, Thiai, Klatai, (5) Arkhe, Ioa, Phalekmi, Iao, Makhahai, Iee, Kho..n, Khokhrekhi, Aaioth, (6) Sarbiakou, Ikra, Phibiek, Momou, Mounaikh, Stitho, Sothon, Naon, Kharmai, (7) the fury of all these gods, whose names I have uttered here to-day, rouse them for me (bis), the drowned (?), the dead; let your (plural) soul and your (plural) form live for me (8) at the mouths of my lamp,

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my bandage (?), my word-seeking (?). Let him make me answer to every word [about] which I am asking here to-day in truth (bis) without (9) falsehood therein. Hasten(bis), quickly (bis).' Its spirit-gathering: You go to a dark chamber with its [face] open to the South or East (10) in a clean place: you sprinkle it with clean sand brought from the great river; you take a clean bronze cup or (11) a new vessel of pottery and put a lok-measure of water that has settled (?) or of pure water into the [cup] and a lok-measure of real oil (12) pure, or oil alone without putting water into it, and put a stone of qs-ankh in the vessel containing oil, and put a 'heart--(13) of-the-good-house' (plant?) in the bottom of the vessel, and put three bricks round about the vessel, of new bricks, (14) and place seven clean loaves on the bricks that are round the vessel and bring a pure child that has been tested (15) in his ears before, that is, is profitable in proceeding with the vessel. You make him sit on a new [brick] and you also sit (16) on another brick, you being at (?) his face, otherwise said, his back, and you put your hand before [his] eyes, [his eyes being] closed and call down (17) into the middle of his head seven times. When you have finished, you take your hand from before his eyes, you [make him bend over] the vessel; you put your hand. (18) to his ears, you take hold of them with your hand also, you ask the child saying, 'Do you [? see ...]?' If he says, 'I see a (19) darkness,' you say to him 'Speak, saying, "I see thy beautiful face, and do thou [hear my salutation?], O great god Anubis!"'

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(20) If you wish to do it by vessel alone, you fill your eyes with this ointment, you sit (?) [over the vessel?] as aforesaid, your eyes being (21) closed; you utter the above invocation seven times, you open your eyes, you ask him concerning everything [that you wish (?)]. you do it from the (22) fourth day of the lunar month until the fifteenth day, which is the half-month when the moon fills the uzat.

[A] vessel-[inquiry] alone in order to see (23) the bark of Phre. Formula: 'Open to me heaven, O mother of die gods! Let [me see the ba]rk of Phre descending and ascending (24) in it; for I am Geb, heir of the gods; prayer is what I make before Phre my father [on account of] the things which have proceeded from me. (25) O Heknet, great one, lady of the shrine, the Rishtret (?). Open to me, mistress of the spirits, [open] to me, primal heaven, let (26) me worship the Angels! [for] I am Geb, heir of the gods. Hail! ye seven Kings, hoi! ye [seven Mônts], bull that engendereth, lord of strength (27) that lighteth the earth, soul of the abyss; ho! lion as lion of (?) the abyss, bull of the night, hail! thou that rulest the people of the East, (28) Noun, great one, lofty one, hail! soul of a ram, soul of the people of the West, hail! [soul of souls, bull] of the night,

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bull (?) of bulls, (29) son of Nut, open to me, I am the Opener of earth, that came forth from Geb, hail! [I am I, I.] I, E, E, E, [He, He, He,] (30) Ho, Ho, Ho; I am Anepo, Miri-po-re, Maat (?) Ib, Thi[bio. Ar]oui, Ouoou, [Iaho.'] (31) Formula: blood of a smun-goose, blood of a hoopoe, blood of a n[ightjar], ankh-amu plant, [senepe plant], (32) 'Great-of-Amen' plant, qes-ankh stone, genuine lapis-lazuli, myrrh, 'footprint-of-Isis' plant, pound, make into a ball, [you paint] your [eyes] with it; put(?) a goat's-[tear] (33) in (?) a 'pleasure-wood' of ani or ebony wood, [you bind it (?)] around (?) you [with a] (34) strip of male-palm fibre in [an] elevated place opposite the sun after putting [the ointment as above on] your eyes ... (35) according to what is prescribed for it.

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