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(1) If [the god (?)] delay so as not to come in, you cry: (2) 'Maribal, Kmla, Kikh, Father of the fathers of the gods, go round (?), one Eye weeps, the other laughs, Ioh (bis, bis), Ha, Ha, He, (3) St, St, St, St, Ihe, Iaho, seek (?); let there come to me the god in whose hand is the command to-day, and let him give me reply to everything (4) about which I ask here to-day.' You say, 'Pef-nuti (?)' with your mouth

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each time, and you cry, 'I cast fury at thee of him who cutteth thee, of him who devoureth thee. (5) Let the darkness separate from the light before me. Ho! god, Hu-hos, Rikhetem, Si (bis), Aho (?), Ah, Mai (?) ("I do not"?), (6) Kha, Ait, Ri-shfe, Bibiu, Iaho, Ariaha (bis), Arainas ("do for her"), Euesetho ("they will turn the face"), Bekes, Gs, Gs, Gs, Gs, (7) Ianian, Eren, Eibs, Ks, Ks, Ks, Ks, let the god come to me in whose hand is the command and give me answer as to everything about which I (8) inquire here to-day. Come in Piatoou, Khitore; ho! Shop, Shope, Shop, Abraham, the apple (?) of the Eye of the Uzat, (9) Kmr, Kmr, Kmr, Kmr, Kmro, so as to create, Kom, Kom-wer-wot, Sheknush (?) is thy real name, let answer be told to me (10) as to everything about which I ask here to-day. Come to me Bakaxikhekh, tell me answer to everything which I ask about here to-day truly (11) without telling me falsehood.' Formula. Seven times.

(12) A direct (?) inquiry by (?) the voice of Pasash (?) the priest of Kes; he (the informant) tells it, saying it is tested, nine times: (13) 'I am Ramshau, Shau, Ramshau son of Tapshau, of his mother Tapshau, if it be that (14) any given thing shall happen, do not come to me with thy face of Pekhe; thou shalt come to me in thy form of a priest, (15) in thy figure of a servant of the temple. (But) if it shall not come to pass, thou (shalt) come to me in thy form of a Kalashire, (16) for I am Ramshau, Shau, Ramshau, the son of Tapshau, of his

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mother Tapshau.' [Say it] opposite (17) the Shoulder constellation on the third day of the month, there being a clove of three-lobed white garlic and there being three needles (18) of iron piercing it, and recite this to it seven times; and put it at thy head. Then he attends to you and speaks with you.

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