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(1) 'I will not give thee oil, I will not give thee fat. O lamp; verily I will give thee the body of the female

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cow and put blood (2) of the male bull into (?) thee and put thy hand to the testicles (?) of the enemy of Horus. Open to me, O ye of the underworld, the box of myrrh that is in my hand; (3) receive me before you, O ye souls of Aker belonging to Bi-wekem, the box of frankincense that hath four corners. O dog, which is (4) called Anubis by name, who resteth on the box of myrrh, whose feet are set on the box of frankincense, let there come to me (5) the ointment for the son of the lamp that he (?) may give me answer as to everything about which I ask here to-day, truly without falsehood therein. (6) Io, Tabao, Soukhamamou, Akhakhanbou, Sanauani, Ethie, Komto, (7) Kethos, Basaethori, Thmila, Akhkhou, give me answer as to everything about which I ask here to-day.' Seven times. (8) The spells of the boy: Boel, Boel (bis), Ii (bis), Aa (bis), Tattat (bis), he that giveth light exceedingly, the companion of the flame, (9) he in whose mouth is the fire that is not quenched, the great god that sitteth in the fire, he that is in the midst of the fire, he that is in the lake of heaven, (10) in whose hand is the greatness and might of God, reveal thyself to this boy who hath my vessel to-day, and let him give me answer truly (11) without falsehood. I will glorify thee in Abydos, I will glorify thee in heaven before Phre, I will glorify thee (12) before the moon, I will glorify thee on earth, I will glorify thee before him who is upon the throne, who is not destroyed, he of the great glory, (13) Peteri, Peteri, Pater, Enphe, Enphe, the god who is above heaven, in

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whose hand is the beautiful staff, (14) who created deity, deity not having created him, come into the midst of this fire that is here before thee, he of Boel, Aniel 1

(15) cause me to see the business about which I am inquiring to-day, let it be seen, let it be heard

(16) and do thou give strength to the eyes of the boy who has my vessel, to cause him to see it, and to his tears to cause him to hear it,

[paragraph continues] O great god Sisihout, (17)

before me and cause my eyes

(18) Akhremto, come in into the midst of this flame,

(17) to be opened to everything for which I pray here to-day, O great god that is upon the hill of <Atugi> Gabaon, Khabaho, Takrtat.' You recite this (19) until the light appear. When the light appears, you turn round (?), you recite this spell-copy a second time again. Behold the spell-copy also (?) of the summons (20) that you recite: 'Ho! speak to me (bis) Thes, Tenor, the father of eternity without end, the god who is over the whole earth, Salkmo, (21) Balkmo, Brak, Nephro, Bampre, Brias, Sarinter, Melikhriphs, (22) Largnanes, Herephes, Mephrobrias, Pherka, Phexe, Diouphia, (23) Marmareke, Laore-Krephie, may I see the answer to the inquiry on account of which I am here, may answer be made to me (24) to everything about which I ask here to-day, truly without falsehood. Ho! Adael, Aphthe, Khokhomole, (25) Hesenmigadon, Orthobaubo, Noere, Sere, Sere, San-kathara, (26) Ereskhigal, Saggiste, Dodekakiste,

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[paragraph continues] Akrourobore, Kodere.' (27) You make him open his eyes and look at the lamp, and ask him as to that which you wish. If obstinacy appear, he not having seen the god, you turn round(?), (28) you pronounce his compulsion. Formula: 'Semea-kanteu, Kenteu, Konteu, Kerideu, Darenko, Lekaux, (29) come to me, Kanab, Ari-katei, Bari-kaki, disk, moon of the gods, disk, hear my voice, let answer be given me (30) as to everything about which I ask here to-day. O perfume of Zalabaho, Nasira, Hake, arise (?) O Lion-ram, (31) let me see the light to-day, and the gods; and let them give me answer as to everything about which I ask here to-day truly. Na, Na, Na, Na, is thy name, (32) Na, Na, is thy true name.' You utter a whisper (?) with your voice loudly; you recite saying, 'Come to me Iaho, Iaeu, (33) Iaho, Auho, Iaho, Hai, Ko, Hoou, Ko, Nashbot, Arpi-Hap (?), Abla, Balbok, (34) Honbek (Hawk-face), Ni, Abit, Thatlat, Maribal.'


61:1 These interlineations are words to be substituted in the case of no medium being employed.

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