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1. Lo! Death was prompt beforehand, to mock Satan:  him who was doomed to become a mockery at the last.—2. R., Glory to Thee Who by Thy crucifixion, didst conquer the Evil One:  and by Thy resurrection gain victory, likewise over Death!—3. And for our Lord’s sake Death spake curses on him:  who was the cause of His shame, and crucifixion.—4. D., The fiery pit be thy grave, O Satan:  who blasphemedst the Voice from the grave, that rent the graves—5. My Lord I know, and the Son of my Lord, O thou Satan! thou hast denied thy Lord, and crucified the Son of thy Lord.—6. This is the name that fits thee, “Slayer of thy Lord”:  when He appears Whom thou slewest, He shall slay thee.—7. At thee shall every one shake the head, for by thee the chiefs:  shook their heads at Him, the Lord of life.—8. A bruised reed under the feet, of the just shalt thou be:  for through thee they put a reed in His hand, Who upholds all.—9. With a crown of thorns was He crowned, to signify:  that He took the diadem of the kingdom, of the house of David.—10. With a crown of thorns was He crowned, the King of kings:  but He took the diadem of the king, of those that shamed him.—11. In the robes of mockery that they gave him, in those He mocked them:  for He took the raiment of glory, of priests and kings.—12. To vinegar is thy memory akin, O thou Satan:  who didst offer vinegar for the thirst, of the Fount of Life.—13. The hand shall every man lift against thee who strengthenedst the hand that smote Him by Whose hand, all creatures stand.—14. He was smitten by the hand and He cut off the hand, of Caiaphas:  the hand of the priesthood is cut off, in the cutting off of the unction.—15. On p. 212 the pillar again they stretched Him, as for scourging:  Him Whose pillar went before, to guide their tribes.—16. The pillar on the pillar, He was scourged:  He removed Himself from out of Zion, and its fall came.—17. When they put two beams together, to form the Cross:  He broke them, even the two staves, the guardians of them.—18. Ezekiel put together the sticks, the two in one:  in the two beams of the Cross, their staves have ceased.—19. The two sticks, as it were wings, bore the people:  lo! his two staves were broken, even as his wings.—20. The bosom and wings of the Cross, He opened in mercy:  its pinions bowed and bore the nations, to go to Eden.—21. It is akin to the Tree of Life, and unto the son of its stock:  it leads its beloved that on its boughs, they may feed on its fruits.—22. Go howl and weep, Evil One, for me and for you:  for not one of us shall enter the “Garden of Life.”—23. S., Now that thou hast confessed O Death, come let me tell thee:  that all this discourse of thine, to me is idle talk.—24. I will go and watch the snares, which I have set:  thou too, Death, fly and look after, all that are sick.—25. Our Lord has brought both to nought, on either hand:  the Evil One shall be brought to nought here, and Death hereafter there.

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