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Hymn LVII.

1. Listen, my brethren, to Death, mocking the Evil One:  that caused the head of our race to sin, and its mother.—2. R., To Thee be glory that by Thy humiliation, Satan is subdued:  and that Thy abasement has exalted Adam, who was abased.—3. D., Thy great nakedness shall be seen, by the sons of Adam; as thou mockedst his nakedness, when thou madest him sin.—4. Eve will cease from that serpent, and rail at thee:  for thou, O Dragon, wast he that beguiled her simpleness.—5. Abel will see him, even, Cain, who has come to thee:  the disciple of his wrath will blame his cursed master.—6. S., Noah who conquered the flood, as it were death:  by the mouth of Ham I laughed at, when wine overcame him.—7. D., Noah was not harmed, but thy garment, wherewith thou clothedst him:  even cursings, he put on, and became a slave.—8. S., Lot who overcame anger which is, thy likeness, Death:  to his daughters I gave such counsels, as were pleasing to me.—9. D., And Lot’s wife who was thy vessel hearkened, to thy counsel:  may half of thee be dried up, as thy whole vessel was dried up!—10. Gehenna be overturned, upon thy head:  as thy malice overturned Sodom, its dwellers!—11. Floods of fire be stirred against thee, in the resurrection:  who against Moses and Elijah, didst stir the people!—12. Let the just mock thee at the last, and Joseph rejoice! whose brethren mocked him, set on by thee!—13. Let vapour of smoke come in, and choke thy senses:  as the waters of the sea choked, the senses of the wicked! —14. Let chaste women also mock thee, by whose counsel:  the daughters of Midian p. 211 mocked, the foolish people!—15. Flame be kindled on thy head, for Samson’s sake:  for by a woman thou shavedst his locks, that lion of strength!—16. S., Saul whom I conquered by envy, by witchcraft conquered thee:  for he asked for and brought up Samuel, out of his grave.—17. D., Slander not the living dead, for he came not up:  thou wast he that came up in the phantom for thou wast worthy.—18. Let the commandment hang thee over the flame, thou Evil One! for by thee they hanged Absalom, upon a tree.—19. In the fire mayst thou see thyself humbled, among vile women! for Solomon by thee was degraded, among profane women.—20. Justice be measured to thee, as thou didst inflame her! even Jezebel who devoured the prophets, thou kindledst her.—21. In fire mayst thou justly burn, who madest them drunken! the two whom Elijah burnt up, when they went up and assailed him.—22. On thee also be coals heaped! may he see and rejoice:  that Naboth in whom thou heapedst, a pile of stones!—23. Be thou clad in scorn in the day of judgment, before all beholders! who clothedst Gehasi in a leprosy, by means of thy theft.—24. With lightning for a dart be thou pierced, O Satan! who in the heart of Josiah, didst fix thy darts.—25. Sink thou in the dregs of Gehenna, O Satan! who didst sink Jeremiah in the mire of the pit.—26. Daniel escaped from the pit, whither thou didst cast him:  may he have comfort in seeing thee, in the furnace for ever!—27. Be thy wickedness returned on thy head, Hater of man:  as his wickedness was returned on the head, of Haman thy fellow! —28. May the King’s Bride mock thee, as did Esther:  when thou beseechest her in the judgment-day, to plead for thee!—29. Fire released the righteous ones, whom thou hadst bound:  a mighty bond be to thee, the flame of fire!—30. Be thou torn in sunder, and may the seven brothers, see thy defeat:  the sons of Shemuni who by thy wolves, were torn in sunder!—31. May fire triumph over thy pate, as thou didst mock:  the two heads of Nazarites, sons of the barren!—32. May fire make mock of thy head, for mother and daughter:  triumphed over John’s head, when thou didst madden them!—33. Flame triumphed over thy head, O Evil One:  for on the charges thou didst triumph, over John’s head!

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