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Chapter 10.—18.  Likewise another Felix of Marazana 1782 said:  "There is one faith, one baptism, 1783 but of the Catholic Church, to which alone is given authority to baptize." 1784

19.  What if another were to say as follows:  One faith, one baptism, but of the righteous only, to whom alone authority is given to baptize?  As these words might be refuted, so also may the judgment of Felix be refuted.  Do even the unrighteous who are not 1785 changed in heart in baptism, while "they renounce the world in words and not in deeds" yet belong to the members of the Church?  Let them consider whether such a Church is the actual rock, the very dove, the bride herself without spot or wrinkle. 1786



Marazana was in ecclesiastical province of Byzacene.  On Felix, see Bk. VI. c. 19. note 2.


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Nec…mutati.  "Nec" is restored by the Benedictines from the Mss.


Eph. v. 27.  See Retract. ii. 18, quoted on I. 17, 26.

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