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Chapter 9.—16.  Jader of Midila 1780 said:  "We know that there is but one baptism in the Catholic Church, and therefore we ought not p. 503 to admit a heretic unless he has been baptized in our body, lest he should think that he has been baptized outside the Catholic Church." 1781

17.  To him our answer is, that if this were said of those unrighteous men who are outside the rock, it certainly would be falsely said.  And so it is therefore also in the case of heretics.



Midila (Midili) was in ecclesiastical province of Numidia.  Jader is Punic name.  Occurs as bishop in Cypr. Epp. lxxvi., lxxix.


Conc. Carth. sec. 45.

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