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Chapter VII.—Polycarp is found by his pursuers.

His pursuers then, along with horsemen, and taking the youth with them, went forth at supper-time on the day of the preparation 431 with their usual weapons, as if going out against a robber. 432 And being come about evening [to the place where he was], they found him lying down in the upper room of 433 a certain little house, from which he might have escaped into another place; but he refused, saying, “The will of God 434 be done.” 435 So when he heard that they were come, he went down and spake with them. And as those that were present marvelled at his age and constancy, some of them said. “Was so much effort 436 made to capture such a venerable man?” 437 Immediately then, in that very hour, he ordered that something to eat and drink should be set before them, as much indeed as they cared for, while he besought them to allow him an hour to pray without disturbance. And on their giving him leave, he stood and prayed, being full of the grace of God, so that he could not cease 438 for two full hours, to the astonishment of them that heard him, insomuch that many began to repent that they had come forth against so godly and venerable an old man.



That is, on Friday.


Comp. Matt. xxvi. 55.


Or, “in.”


Some read “the Lord”


Comp. Matt. vi. 10; Acts xxi. 14.


Or, “diligence.”


Jacobson reads, “and [marvelling] that they had used so great diligence to capture,” etc.


Or, “be silent.”

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