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Chapter VI.—Polycarp is betrayed by a servant.

And when those who sought for him were at hand, he departed to another dwelling, whither his pursuers immediately came after him. And when they found him not, they seized upon two youths [that were there], one of whom, being subjected to torture, confessed. It was thus impossible that he should continue hid, since those that betrayed him were of his own household. The Irenarch 429 then (whose office is the same as that of the Cleronomus 430 ), by name Herod, hastened to bring him into the stadium. [This all happened] that he might fulfil his special lot, being made a partaker of Christ, and that they who betrayed him might undergo the punishment of Judas himself.



It was the duty of the Irenarch to apprehend all seditious troublers of the public peace.


Some think that those magistrates bore this name that were elected by lot.

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