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More Translations from the Chinese, by Arthur Waley, [1919], at

p. 6




Ch‘ü Yüan:—


The Great Summons


Wang Wei:—


Prose Letter


Li Po:—


Drinking Alone by Moonlight


In the Mountains on a Summer Day


Waking from Drunkenness on a Spring Day




To Tan Ch‘iu


Clearing at Dawn


Po Chü-i:—


Life of Po Chû-i


After Passing the Examination


Escorting Candidates to the Examination Hall


In Early Summer Lodging in a Temple to Enjoy the Moonlight


Sick Leave


Watching the Reapers


Going Alone to Spend a Night at the Hsien-Yu Temple


Planting Bamboos


p. 7

Po Chü-i (continued)


To Li Chien


At the End of Spring


The Poem on the Wall


Chu Ch‘ēn Village


Fishing in the Wei River


Lazy Man's Song


Illness and Idleness


Winter Night


The Chrysanthemums in the Eastern Garden


Poems in Depression, at Wei Village


To His Brother Hsing-Chien, Who was Serving in Tung-Ch‘uan


Starting Early from the Ch‘u-Ch‘ēng Inn




The Beginning of Summer


Visiting the Hsi-Lin Temple


Prose Letter to Yüan Chēn


Hearing the Early Oriole


Dreaming that I Went with Lu and Yu to Visit Yüan Chēn


The Fifteenth Volume


Invitation to Hsiao Chû-Shih


To Li Chien


The Spring River


After Collecting the Autumn Taxes


Lodging with the Old Man of the Stream


To His Brother Hsing-Chien


The Pine-Trees in the Courtyard


Sleeping on Horseback


Parting from the Winter Stove


Good-Bye to the People of Hangchow


Written when Governor of Soochow


p. 8

Po Chü-i (continued)


Getting Up Early on a Spring Morning


Losing a Slave-Girl


The Grand Houses at Lo-Yang


The Cranes


On His Baldness


Thinking of the Past


A Mad Poem Addressed to My Nephews and Nieces


Old Age


To a Talkative Guest


To Liu Yü-Hsi


My Servant Wakes Me


Since I Lay Ill


Song of Past Feelings






Yüan Chēn:—


The Story of Ts‘ui Ying-Ying


The Pitcher


Po Hsing-Chien:—


The Story of Miss Li


Wang Chien:—


Hearing that His Friend was Coming Back from the War


The South


Ou-Yang Hsiu:—






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