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The Tsai Chien; narrative. Appropriate to an occasion when the feudal princes were assisting King Ch‘êng at a sacrifice to King Wu.

Before their sovereign king the lords appeared,
  To seek the rules that he for them ordains. p. 448
Their banners bright with dragon blazonry
  Waved grandly in the air. Upon their reins
Rings glittering shone, while on their broidered flags
  And carriage fronts bells gave a tinkling sound.
Thus full of majesty, they came to court,
  And splendid were their equipages found!

The king then led them on the left, and laid,
  With filial heart, before his father's shrine,
His offerings, that long life he might obtain,
  And still preserve the honors of his line.
Favors he gets, both great and manifold.
  ’Tis from those brilliant and accomplished lords
They spring; and there shall long through them descend
  Blessings unmixed and bright that Heaven affords.

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