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The Yung; narrative. Appropriate at a sacrifice by King Wu to his father Wên.

The helping princes stand around,
  With reverent air, in concord fine.
The king, Heaven's son, with looks profound,
  Thus prays before his father's shrine:— p. 447

"This noble bull I bring to thee,
  And these assist me in the rite.
Father, august and great, on me,
  Thy filial son, pour down thy light!

"All-sagely didst thou play the man,
  Alike in peace and war a king.
Heaven rested in thee, O great Wên,
  Who to thy sons still good dost bring.

"The eyebrows of long life to me,
  Great source of comfort, thou hast given.
Thou mak’st me great, for ‘tis through thee
  Come all the other gifts of Heaven.

"O thou, my meritorious sire,
  And thou in whose fond breast I lay,
With power and grace your son inspire
  His reverent sacrifice to pay.

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