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The Yu K‘o; narrative. Celebrating the duke of Sung on one of his appearances at the capital to assist at the sacrifice in the ancestral temple of Chou;—showing how he was esteemed and cherished by the king.

Behold our noble visitor,
  The son of Shang's high line.
His steeds, like those of his great sires,
  All white and spotless shine. p. 449

The polished members of his train
  Are with him come in state.
With reverence and dignity,
  For his commands they wait.

Our noble visitor will stay
  But for one night or two.
Glad should we be if he would think
  Two nights or four were due.

Bring forth the ropes to bind his steeds.
  Alas! he will not bide.
To him be every comfort given!
  A parting feast provide!

The greatest dignity is his.
  ’Tis right our noble guest
Should with their choicest favors be
  By men and spirits graced!

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