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Book VII. Decade of Sang Hu


The Sang Hu; allusive and narrative. The king, entertaining the chief among the feudal princes, expresses his admiration of them, and good wishes for them.

1Flitting round the greenbeaks see,
With their wings of brilliancy!
Birds they are that men admire;
More those lords my soul inspire
With admiring joy and love.
Heaven will bless them from above!

2Here and there the greenbeaks light,
Showing necks with feathers bright. p. 296
Who but must the creatures prize?
But it more delights my eyes,
When these noble lords are seen,
Who my states from danger screen.

3Screens they are, and bulwarks strong;
All the chiefs around them throng,
And on them as patterns gaze.
Self-restraint each hero lays
On himself,—from folly free;—
Great their happiness must be!

4See the mighty cup of horn,
Round their ranks in order borne!
Full of spirits soft and good,
It excites no conduct rude.
Surely blessings haste to greet
Lords of virtue so complete!

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