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The Yüan Yang; allusive. Responsive to the last ode;—the princes express their prayers and wishes for the king.

1The Yellow ducks, full grown, take wing and fly;
For them the men both hand and spread nets ply;—
  So greatly they their beauty prize. p. 297
May the king's life ten thousand years extend,
While wealth and happiness that know no end
  Heaven, as deserved, to him supplies!

2The yellow ducks upon the dam oft rest,
Each with its left wing ’gainst its neighbor's pressed;—
  Their mutual fondness thus they show.
Heaven to the king ten thousand years assign!
And blessings lasting in unbroken line
  Upon his merit great bestow!

3The stables large the teams of steeds contain;—
In peace with forage, and in war with grain,
  Abundantly they are supplied.
May the king's life extend ten thousand years,
While all that lengthened time no sign appears
  Of wealth or happiness denied!

4The stables large contain the numerous teams;—
Forage they get in peace; in war there gleams
  In every manger store of grain.
Ten thousand years may our great sovereign live,
And Heaven the wealth and blessing ever give,
  Which shall his comforting maintain!

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