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p. 294


The Shang Shang Chê Hua; allusive and narrative. Responsive to the former;—the king celebrates the praises of the princes.

1Like the flowers which splendid shine,
  Amidst the leaves that cluster dense,
Are these noble lords of mine,
  On whom I look with joy intense.
All that my heart desires in them is met;
Praise and good fortune they deserve to get.

2Like the flowers that splendid shine,
  Displaying yellow's deepest hue,
Are these noble lords of mine,
  In whom such elegance I view.
In all their words and manners is no flaw;—
So to themselves all blessing shall they draw.

3Like the flowers that splendid shine,
  Some yellow, some of purest white,
Are these noble lords of mine,
  Urging their steeds to rapid flight.
White are the steeds they drive, but black their manes,
And soft and glossy in their hands the reins! p. 295

4Left or right they wheel and move.
  Each order given they straight obey.
Instant their skill and power they prove
  Equal, as needed, to display.
Boundless resources in themselves there dwell;
’Tis right their outward movements should excel!

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