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1. Now at that tune the Bhikkhus made water here and there in the Ârâma, and the Ârâma was defiled.

They told this matter to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, to make water at one side (of the Ârâma).'

p. 155

The Ârâma became offensive. . . . . .

[The rest of this chapter is scarcely translateable. It records in like manner the various sanitary difficulties which arose from the living together of a number of Bhikkhus. Each such difficulty is quite solemnly said to have been reported to the Blessed One, and he is said to have found a way out of it. The result of the whole is, that the building of privies is enjoined, and all the contrivances, such as seats, doors, steps, plastering, &c., already mentioned with respect to the bath-room, above, V, 14, are here repeated verbatim 1.]


154:1 There is a similar rule for the Bhikkhunîs in the Bhikkhunî-vibhaṅga, Pâkittiya I. So also onions are mentioned among the things a Gain Bhikkhu may not accept (Ayâraṅga Sutta II, 1, 8, 13).

154:2 It is gruel of various kinds that is prescribed for this malady in Mahâvagga VI, 16, 3-17, 2.

155:1 For some of the details, compare Mahâvagga V, 8, 3, and Mahâvagga I, 25, 19=Kullavagga VIII, 1, 5, and Kullavagga VIII, 9 and 10.

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