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1. Now at that time the Blessed One when, surrounded by a great assembly, he was preaching the Dhamma, was seated. And a certain Bhikkhu, who had eaten onions, sat down apart, thinking, Let not the Bhikkhus be annoyed  3!'

The Blessed One saw that Bhikkhu sitting apart; and on seeing him, he said to the Bhikkhus, 'Why now, O Bhikkhus, is that Bhikkhu seated apart?'

'This Bhikkhu, Lord, has eaten onions, and has

p. 154

seated himself apart in order not to annoy the Bhikkhus.'

'But ought, O Bhikkhus, anything to be eaten, that will cause the eater to keep away from such a preaching of the Dhamma as this?'

'No, indeed, Lord.'

'You are not, O Bhikkhus, to eat onions. Whosoever does so, shall be guilty of a dukkat1.'

2. Now at that time the venerable Sâriputta had wind in his stomach. And the venerable Mahâ Moggallâna went up to the place where the venerable Sâriputta was, and when he had come there, he said to the venerable Sâriputta:

'How did you formerly, friend Sâriputta, get relief, when you had wind in the stomach?'

'By eating onions, my friend 2.'

They told this matter to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, to eat onions on account of disease.'


153:3 Vyâbâhimsu is for vyâbâdhimsu. See p. 320 of the edition of the text.

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