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1. Now at that time the Bhikkhus who were sick had need of various kinds of salt 5 as medicine. They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, the use of salts as

p. 48

medicine--sea-salt 1, black salt 2, rock salt 3, kitchen salt 4, red salt 5, and whatsoever other salts are used in medicine (&c., as in chap. 4, down to:) is guilty of a dukkata offence.'


47:5 On these salts compare Abhidhânappadîpikâ, verse 461; Susruta, vol. i, pp. 226, 227, of the edition by Madhusûdana Gupta; Wise, 'Hindu Medicine,' p. 117.

48:1 Sâmuddikâ ’ti samudda-tîre vâlukâ viya titthati (B.).

48:2la-lonan ti pakati-lonam (B.).

48:3 Sindhavan ti seta-vannam: pabbate utthahati (B.). It was probably called Sindh salt because it was found there, though, like Sindhava horses, it is always supposed to be white.

48:4 Ubbhidâ ’ti bhummito aṅkuyam (sic) utthahati (B.).

48:5 Bilan ti dabba-sambhârehi saddhim pakitam: tam ratta-vannam (B.). It is Sanskrit vida, Hindustâni bit laban, and the same as bilâla in the Abhidhânappadîpikâ.

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