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1. Now at that time the Bhikkhus who were sick had need of various kinds of gum as-medicine. They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, the use of gums as medicine--hiṅgu 1, hiṅgu lac, sipâtikâ 2, taka 3, taka-patti 3, taka-pann3, saggulasa 4, and whatsoever other gums are used for medicine, and impart (&c., as in chap. 4, down to:) is guilty of a dukkata offence.'


47:1 Ferula assa foetida: Böhtlingk-Roth (sub voce) say it comes from Persia. It is much used in Hindu medicine. See Wise, 'Hindu System of Medicine,' pp. 152-154.

47:2 The correct spelling is probably sivâtikâ. Böhtlingk-Roth under Sivâtikâ and Hiṅgu-sivâtikâ say it is the same as Vamsa-pattrî.

47:3 Buddhaghosa merely says these are kinds of lac. According to Wise, p. 152, lâkshâ is used as errhine.

47:4 Resin.

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