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Buddhist Psalms

by S. Yamabe and L. Adams Beck


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This entry in the Wisdom of the East series consists of a translation of the Jodo-Wasan, the Psalms of the Pure Land. This text is by Shinran Shonin, the 10th century Japanese monk who founded Shin Buddhism, a branch of Pure Land Buddhism. This is one of the most popular sects of Buddhism in Japan, centering around devotional practices as the way to enlightenment.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Lauding the Infinite One
Of Paradise
Concerning the Great Sutra
Concerning the Sutra of the Meditation
Concerning the Lesser Sutra
Of the Many Sutras Concerning the Infinite One
Concerning the Welfare of the Present World
Of Thanksgiving for Nagarjuna, the Great Teacher of India
Of Thanksgiving for Vasubandh, the Great Teacher of India
Of Thanksgiving for Donran, the Great Teacher of China
Concerning Unrighteous Deeds
Concerning Doshaku-Zen
Concerning Zendo-Daishi
Concerning Genshin-Sozu
Concerning Honen Shonin
Of the Three Periods
Concerning Belief and Doubt
In Praise of Prince Shotoku
Wherein with Lamentation I Make my Confession
Additional Psalms