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343. Having fulfilled forty and eight of the Divine Promise,

He attained unto the supreme enlightenment, and was manifest as the Buddha of Infinite Light.

Whoso seeketh refuge with Him shall be certainly born into the Land of Purity.

344. Into the Promised Land—the Paradise of the Great Calm.

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He who practiseth the righteous deeds of the mingled motive hath no claim of birth,

Therefore He that is Infinite would have us follow the deeds of the single practice that is chosen of Him as teaching that is at the root.

345. The merit of His holy austerities throughout the myriads of Kalpas is fully declared in his name of Amida (the Infinite).

And the Holy Name, after the consideration of five Kalpas,

Will be accorded unto us who are alive in this degenerated age.

346. Because action, speech, and mind of the Infinite Life and the believer in the Holy Name are welded as into a diamond, therefore shall he certainly be one with the men that return no more unto birth and death.

347. He that hath much knowledge and keepeth the Pure Land is not chosen,

And whoso breaketh the Holy Law and sinneth is not disdained.

Only he that seeketh refuge in the Eternal Father shall enter into Buddhahood as a pebble is transmuted into gold.

348. Our faith that endureth as the diamond

p. 91

cometh from the mind of the Buddha that eternally endureth.

Lacking the aid of the Divine Power, how should we attain unto the unchanging mind?

349. In the great ocean of the Divine Promise

Is there no ripple of illusion.

If we enter into the ark of the Holy Vow,

The spirit of mercy shall take part with our self-endeavour.

350. Since we have believed the Divine Promise,

How is it possible we should be in the power of life or death?

Unchanged may be our sinful body,

But our heart is in the Paradise for ever.

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