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p. 53


171. Having cast away from him all trust in the righteous deeds of the sages, Doshaku-Zenji, the Great Teacher, hath taught us to enter in at the only gate that is the Gospel of the Pure Land.

172. Having thus cast away from him the laborious study of the Doctrine of Nirvana, Doshaku, the Great Teacher, himself trusted only in the power of the Divine Promise, and he persuaded men to follow after him.

173. In this world of sin that is so far removed from the blessed day of our Lord, is there no man who attaineth unto the wisdom Supreme, yea, not though he should compass all righteous doing. So teacheth our Lord of Great Teaching.

174. He who succeeded unto the teaching of Donran-Daishi, Doshaku-zenji, the Great Priest, thus declareth: "To toil and labour after righteous deeds in this life is the unavailing toil of self-effort."

175. In this world, the doing of evil and the sin that is wrought of men is violent and furious as the storm wind and rain. Therefore have

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the compassionate Buddhas exhorted men to seek their refuge within the Land of Purity.

176. From him that sinneth, throughout his life shall the fetters of illusion fall away, if he shall recite the Holy Name with love and adoration.

177. That he might lead men into the Eternal Kingdom—those men who are in this life fast bound unto the evil thing, our Father teacheth us, saying, "Recite my name," and hath promised further, "Doing this, if they be not born again, I myself will not attain unto Wisdom."

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