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1 Chronicles 1


1  Adam,121 Sheth,8352 Enosh,583

2  Kenan,7018 Mahalaleel,4111 Jered,3382

3  Henoch,2585 Methuselah,4968 Lamech,3929

4  Noah,5146 Shem,8035 Ham,2526 and Japheth.3315

5  The sons1121 of Japheth;3315 Gomer,1586 and Magog,4031 and Madai,4074 and Javan,3120 and Tubal,8422 and Meshech,4902 and Tiras.8494

6  And the sons1121 of Gomer;1586 Ashchenaz,813 and Riphath,7384 and Togarmah.8425

7  And the sons1121 of Javan;3120 Elishah,473 and Tarshish,8659 Kittim,3794 and Dodanim.1721

8  The sons1121 of Ham;2526 Cush,3568 and Mizraim,4714 Put,6316 and Canaan.3667

9  And the sons1121 of Cush;3568 Seba,5434 and Havilah,2341 and Sabta,5454 and Raamah,7484 and Sabtecha.5455 And the sons1121 of Raamah;7484 Sheba,7614 and Dedan.1719

10  And Cush3568 begot3205 853 Nimrod:5248 he1931 began2490 to be1961 mighty1368 upon the earth.776

11  And Mizraim4714 begot3205 853 Ludim,3866 and Anamim,6047 and Lehabim,3853 and Naphtuhim,5320

12  And Pathrusim,6625 and Casluhim,3695 (of whom834 4480 8033 came3318 the Philistines,)6430 and Caphthorim.3732

13  And Canaan3667 begot3205 853 Zidon6721 his firstborn,1060 and Heth,2845

14  The Jebusite2983 also, and the Amorite,567 and the Girgashite,1622

15  And the Hivite,2340 and the Arkite,6208 and the Sinite,5513

16  And the Arvadite,721 and the Zemarite,6786 and the Hamathite.2577

17  The sons1121 of Shem;8035 Elam,5867 and Asshur,804 and Arphaxad,775 and Lud,3865 and Aram,758 and Uz,5780 and Hul,2343 and Gether,1666 and Meshech.4902

18  And Arphaxad775 begot3205 853 Shelah,7974 and Shelah7974 begot3205 853 Eber.5677

19  And unto Eber5677 were born3205 two8147 sons:1121 the name8034 of the one259 was Peleg;6389 because3588 in his days3117 the earth776 was divided:6385 and his brother's251 name8034 was Joktan.3355

20  And Joktan3355 begot3205 853 Almodad,486 and Sheleph,8026 and Hazarmaveth,2700 and Jerah,3392

21  Hadoram1913 also, and Uzal,187 and Diklah,1853

22  And Ebal,5858 and Abimael,39 and Sheba,7614

23  And Ophir,211 and Havilah,2341 and Jobab.3103 All3605 these428 were the sons1121 of Joktan.3355

24  Shem,8035 Arphaxad,775 Shelah,7974

25  Eber,5677 Peleg,6389 Reu,7466

26  Serug,8286 Nahor,5152 Terah,8646

27  Abram;87 the same1931 is Abraham.85

28  The sons1121 of Abraham;85 Isaac,3327 and Ishmael.3458

29  These428 are their generations:8435 The firstborn1060 of Ishmael,3458 Nebaioth;5032 then Kedar,6938 and Adbeel,110 and Mibsam,4017

30  Mishma,4927 and Dumah,1746 Massa,4854 Hadad,2301 and Tema,8485

31  Jetur,3195 Naphish,5305 and Kedemah.6929 These428 are the sons1121 of Ishmael.3458

32  Now the sons1121 of Keturah,6989 Abraham's85 concubine:6370 she bore3205 853 Zimran,2175 and Jokshan,3370 and Medan,4091 and Midian,4080 and Ishbak,3435 and Shuah.7744 And the sons1121 of Jokshan;3370 Sheba,7614 and Dedan.1719

33  And the sons1121 of Midian;4080 Ephah,5891 and Epher,6081 and Henoch,2585 and Abida,28 and Eldaah.420 All3605 these428 are the sons1121 of Keturah.6989

34  And Abraham85 begot3205 853 Isaac.3327 The sons1121 of Isaac;3327 Esau6215 and Israel.3478

35  The sons1121 of Esau;6215 Eliphaz,464 Reuel,7467 and Jeush,3266 and Jaalam,3281 and Korah.7141

36  The sons1121 of Eliphaz;464 Teman,8487 and Omar,201 Zephi,6825 and Gatam,1609 Kenaz,7073 and Timna,8555 and Amalek.6002

37  The sons1121 of Reuel;7467 Nahath,5184 Zerah,2226 Shammah,8048 and Mizzah.4199

38  And the sons1121 of Seir;8165 Lotan,3877 and Shobal,7732 and Zibeon,6649 and Anah,6034 and Dishon,1787 and Ezer,687 and Dishan.1789

39  And the sons1121 of Lotan;3877 Hori,2753 and Homam:1950 and Timna8555 was Lotan's3877 sister.269

40  The sons1121 of Shobal;7732 Alian,5935 and Manahath,4506 and Ebal,5858 Shephi,8195 and Onam.208 And the sons1121 of Zibeon;6649 Aiah,345 and Anah.6034

41  The sons1121 of Anah;6034 Dishon.1787 And the sons1121 of Dishon;1787 Amram,2566 and Esh-ban,790 and Ithran,3506 and Cheran.3763

42  The sons1121 of Ezer;687 Bilhan,1092 and Zavan,2190 and Jakan.3292 The sons1121 of Dishan;1789 Uz,5780 and Aran.765

43  Now these428 are the kings4428 that834 reigned4427 in the land776 of Edom123 before6440 any king4428 reigned4427 over the children1121 of Israel;3478 Bela1106 the son1121 of Beor:1160 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Dinhabah.1838

44  And when Bela1106 was dead,4191 Jobab3103 the son1121 of Zerah2226 of Bozrah4480 1224 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

45  And when Jobab3103 was dead,4191 Husham2367 of the land4480 776 of the Temanites8489 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

46  And when Husham2367 was dead,4191 Hadad1908 the son1121 of Bedad,911 which smote5221 853 Midian4080 in the field7704 of Moab,4124 reigned4427 in his stead:8478 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Avith.5762

47  And when Hadad1908 was dead,4191 Samlah8072 of Masrekah4480 4957 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

48  And when Samlah8072 was dead,4191 Shaul7586 of Rehoboth4480 7344 by the river5104 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

49  And when Shaul7586 was dead,4191 Baal-hanan1177 the son1121 of Achbor5907 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

50  And when Baal-hanan1177 was dead,4191 Hadad1908 reigned4427 in his stead:8478 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Pai;6464 and his wife's802 name8034 was Mehetabel,4105 the daughter1323 of Matred,4308 the daughter1323 of Mezahab.4314

51  Hadad1908 died4191 also. And the dukes441 of Edom123 were;1961 duke441 Timnah,8555 duke441 Aliah,5933 duke441 Jetheth,3509

52  Duke441 Aholibamah,173 duke441 Elah,425 duke441 Pinon,6373

53  Duke441 Kenaz,7073 duke441 Teman,8487 duke441 Mibzar,4014

54  Duke441 Magdiel,4025 duke441 Iram.5902 These428 are the dukes441 of Edom.123


1 Αδαμ Σηθ Ενως

2 Καιναν Μαλελεηλ Ιαρεδ

3 Ενωχ Μαθουσαλα Λαμεχ

4 Νωε υἱοὶ Νωε Σημ Χαμ Ιαφεθ

5 υἱοὶ Ιαφεθ Γαμερ Μαγωγ Μαδαι Ιωυαν Ελισα Θοβελ Μοσοχ καὶ Θιρας

6 καὶ υἱοὶ Γαμερ Ασχαναζ καὶ Ριφαθ καὶ Θοργαμα

7 καὶ υἱοὶ Ιωυαν Ελισα καὶ Θαρσις Κίτιοι καὶ Ῥόδιοι

8 καὶ υἱοὶ Χαμ Χους καὶ Μεστραιμ Φουδ καὶ Χανααν

9 καὶ υἱοὶ Χους Σαβα καὶ Ευιλατ καὶ Σαβαθα καὶ Ρεγμα καὶ Σεβεκαθα καὶ υἱοὶ Ρεγμα Σαβα καὶ Ουδαδαν

10 καὶ Χους ἐγέννησεν τὸν Νεβρωδ οὗτος ἤρξατο τοῦ εἶναι γίγας κυνηγὸς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς

17 υἱοὶ Σημ Αιλαμ καὶ Ασσουρ καὶ Αρφαξαδ

24 Σαλα

25 Εβερ Φαλεκ Ραγαυ

26 Σερουχ Ναχωρ Θαρα

27 Αβρααμ

28 υἱοὶ δὲ Αβρααμ Ισαακ καὶ Ισμαηλ

29 αὗται δὲ αἱ γενέσεις πρωτοτόκου Ισμαηλ Ναβαιωθ καὶ Κηδαρ Ναβδεηλ Μαβσαν

30 Μασμα Ιδουμα Μασση Χοδδαδ Θαιμαν

31 Ιεττουρ Ναφες καὶ Κεδμα οὗτοί εἰσιν υἱοὶ Ισμαηλ

32 καὶ υἱοὶ Χεττουρας παλλακῆς Αβρααμ καὶ ἔτεκεν αὐτῷ τὸν Ζεμβραν Ιεξαν Μαδαν Μαδιαμ Σοβακ Σωε καὶ υἱοὶ Ιεξαν Σαβα καὶ Δαιδαν

33 καὶ υἱοὶ Μαδιαμ Γαιφα καὶ Οφερ καὶ Ενωχ καὶ Αβιδα καὶ Ελδαα πάντες οὗτοι υἱοὶ Χεττουρας

34 καὶ ἐγέννησεν Αβρααμ τὸν Ισαακ καὶ υἱοὶ Ισαακ Ησαυ καὶ Ιακωβ

35 υἱοὶ Ησαυ Ελιφας καὶ Ραγουηλ καὶ Ιεουλ καὶ Ιεγλομ καὶ Κορε

36 υἱοὶ Ελιφας Θαιμαν καὶ Ωμαρ Σωφαρ καὶ Γοωθαμ καὶ Κενεζ καὶ τῆς Θαμνα Αμαληκ

37 καὶ υἱοὶ Ραγουηλ Ναχεθ Ζαρε Σομε καὶ Μοζε

38 υἱοὶ Σηιρ Λωταν Σωβαλ Σεβεγων Ανα Δησων Ωσαρ Δαισων

39 καὶ υἱοὶ Λωταν Χορρι καὶ Αιμαν καὶ Αιλαθ καὶ Ναμνα

40 υἱοὶ Σωβαλ Γωλαμ Μαναχαθ Γαιβηλ Σωβ καὶ Ωναμ υἱοὶ δὲ Σεβεγων Αια καὶ Ανα

41 υἱοὶ Ανα Δαισων υἱοὶ δὲ Δησων Εμερων καὶ Εσεβαν καὶ Ιεθραν καὶ Χαρραν

42 καὶ υἱοὶ Ωσαρ Βαλααν καὶ Ζουκαν καὶ Ιωκαν υἱοὶ Δαισων Ως καὶ Αρραν

43 καὶ οὗτοι οἱ βασιλεῖς αὐτῶν Βαλακ υἱὸς Βεωρ καὶ ὄνομα τῇ πόλει αὐτοῦ Δενναβα

44 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Βαλακ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Ιωβαβ υἱὸς Ζαρα ἐκ Βοσορρας

45 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Ιωβαβ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Ασομ ἐκ τῆς γῆς Θαιμανων

46 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Ασομ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Αδαδ υἱὸς Βαραδ ὁ πατάξας Μαδιαμ ἐν τῷ πεδίῳ Μωαβ καὶ ὄνομα τῇ πόλει αὐτοῦ Γεθθαιμ

47 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Αδαδ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Σαμαα ἐκ Μασεκκας

48 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Σαμαα καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Σαουλ ἐκ Ροωβωθ τῆς παρὰ ποταμόν

49 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Σαουλ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Βαλαεννων υἱὸς Αχοβωρ

50 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Βαλαεννων υἱὸς Αχοβωρ καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ Αδαδ υἱὸς Βαραδ καὶ ὄνομα τῇ πόλει αὐτοῦ Φογωρ

51 καὶ ἀπέθανεν Αδαδ καὶ ἦσαν ἡγεμόνες Εδωμ ἡγεμὼν Θαμανα ἡγεμὼν Γωλα ἡγεμὼν Ιεθετ

52 ἡγεμὼν Ελιβαμας ἡγεμὼν Ηλας ἡγεμὼν Φινων

53 ἡγεμὼν Κενεζ ἡγεμὼν Θαιμαν ἡγεμὼν Μαβσαρ

54 ἡγεμὼν Μεγεδιηλ ἡγεμὼν Ηραμ οὗτοι ἡγεμόνες Εδωμ


‎1 ‏אָדָ֥ם שֵׁ֖ת אֱנֽוֹשׁ׃

‎2 ‏קֵינָ֥ן מַהֲלַלְאֵ֖ל יָֽרֶד׃

‎3 ‏חֲנ֥וֹךְ מְתוּשֶׁ֖לַח לָֽמֶךְ׃

‎4 ‏נֹ֥חַ שֵׁ֖ם חָ֥ם וָיָֽפֶת׃ ס

‎5 ‏בְּנֵ֣י יֶ֔פֶת גֹּ֣מֶר וּמָג֔וֹג וּמָדַ֖י וְיָוָ֣ן וְתֻבָ֑ל וּמֶ֖שֶׁךְ וְתִירָֽס׃ ס

‎6 ‏וּבְנֵ֖י גֹּ֑מֶר אַשְׁכֲּנַ֥ז וְדִיפַ֖ת וְתוֹגַרְמָֽה׃

‎7 ‏וּבְנֵ֥י יָוָ֖ן אֱלִישָׁ֣ה וְתַרְשִׁ֑ישָׁה כִּתִּ֖ים וְרוֹדָנִֽים׃ ס

‎8 ‏בְּנֵ֖י חָ֑ם כּ֥וּשׁ וּמִצְרַ֖יִם פּ֥וּט וּכְנָֽעַן׃

‎9 ‏וּבְנֵ֣י כ֔וּשׁ סְבָא֙ וַחֲוִילָ֔ה וְסַבְתָּ֥א וְרַעְמָ֖א וְסַבְתְּכָ֑א וּבְנֵ֥י רַעְמָ֖א שְׁבָ֥א וּדְדָֽן׃ ס

‎10 ‏וְכ֖וּשׁ יָלַ֣ד אֶת־נִמְר֑וֹד ה֣וּא הֵחֵ֔ל לִהְי֥וֹת גִּבּ֖וֹר בָּאָֽרֶץ׃ ס

‎11 ‏וּמִצְרַ֡יִם יָלַ֞ד אֶת־לודיים לוּדִ֧ים וְאֶת־עֲנָמִ֛ים וְאֶת־לְהָבִ֖ים וְאֶת־נַפְתֻּחִֽים׃

‎12 ‏וְֽאֶת־פַּתְרֻסִ֞ים וְאֶת־כַּסְלֻחִ֗ים אֲשֶׁ֨ר יָצְא֥וּ מִשָּׁ֛ם פְּלִשְׁתִּ֖ים וְאֶת־כַּפְתֹּרִֽים׃ ס

‎13 ‏וּכְנַ֗עַן יָלַ֛ד אֶת־צִיד֥וֹן בְּכֹר֖וֹ וְאֶת־חֵֽת׃

‎14 ‏וְאֶת־הַיְבוּסִי֙ וְאֶת־הָ֣אֱמֹרִ֔י וְאֵ֖ת הַגִּרְגָּשִֽׁי׃

‎15 ‏וְאֶת־הַחִוִּ֥י וְאֶת־הַֽעַרְקִ֖י וְאֶת־הַסִּינִֽי׃

‎16 ‏וְאֶת־הָאַרְוָדִ֥י וְאֶת־הַצְּמָרִ֖י וְאֶת־הַֽחֲמָתִֽי׃ ס

‎17 ‏בְּנֵ֣י שֵׁ֔ם עֵילָ֣ם וְאַשּׁ֔וּר וְאַרְפַּכְשַׁ֖ד וְל֣וּד וַאֲרָ֑ם וְע֥וּץ וְח֖וּל וְגֶ֥תֶר וָמֶֽשֶׁךְ׃ ס

‎18 ‏וְאַרְפַּכְשַׁ֖ד יָלַ֣ד אֶת־שָׁ֑לַח וְשֶׁ֖לַח יָלַ֥ד אֶת־עֵֽבֶר׃

‎19 ‏וּלְעֵ֥בֶר יֻלַּ֖ד שְׁנֵ֣י בָנִ֑ים שֵׁ֣ם הָאֶחָ֞ד פֶּ֗לֶג כִּ֤י בְיָמָיו֙ נִפְלְגָ֣ה הָאָ֔רֶץ וְשֵׁ֥ם אָחִ֖יו יָקְטָֽן׃

‎20 ‏וְיָקְטָ֣ן יָלַ֔ד אֶת־אַלְמוֹדָ֖ד וְאֶת־שָׁ֑לֶף וְאֶת־חֲצַרְמָ֖וֶת וְאֶת־יָֽרַח׃

‎21 ‏וְאֶת־הֲדוֹרָ֥ם וְאֶת־אוּזָ֖ל וְאֶת־דִּקְלָֽה׃

‎22 ‏וְאֶת־עֵיבָ֥ל וְאֶת־אֲבִימָאֵ֖ל וְאֶת־שְׁבָֽא׃

‎23 ‏וְאֶת־אוֹפִ֥יר וְאֶת־חֲוִילָ֖ה וְאֶת־יוֹבָ֑ב כָּל־אֵ֖לֶּה בְּנֵ֥י יָקְטָֽן׃ ס

‎24 ‏שֵׁ֥ם׀ אַרְפַּכְשַׁ֖ד שָֽׁלַח׃

‎25 ‏עֵ֥בֶר פֶּ֖לֶג רְעֽוּ׃

‎26 ‏שְׂר֥וּג נָח֖וֹר תָּֽרַח׃

‎27 ‏אַבְרָ֖ם ה֥וּא אַבְרָהָֽם׃ ס

‎28 ‏בְּנֵי֙ אַבְרָהָ֔ם יִצְחָ֖ק וְיִשְׁמָעֵֽאל׃ ס

‎29 ‏אֵ֖לֶּה תֹּלְדוֹתָ֑ם בְּכ֤וֹר יִשְׁמָעֵאל֙ נְבָי֔וֹת וְקֵדָ֥ר וְאַדְבְּאֵ֖ל וּמִבְשָֽׂם׃

‎30 ‏מִשְׁמָ֣ע וְדוּמָ֔ה מַשָּׂ֖א חֲדַ֥ד וְתֵימָֽא׃

‎31 ‏יְט֥וּר נָפִ֖ישׁ וָקֵ֑דְמָה אֵ֥לֶּה הֵ֖ם בְּנֵ֥י יִשְׁמָעֵֽאל׃ ס

‎32 ‏וּבְנֵ֨י קְטוּרָ֜ה פִּילֶ֣גֶשׁ אַבְרָהָ֗ם יָלְדָ֞ה אֶת־זִמְרָ֧ן וְיָקְשָׁ֛ן וּמְדָ֥ן וּמִדְיָ֖ן וְיִשְׁבָּ֣ק וְשׁ֑וּחַ וּבְנֵ֥י יָקְשָׁ֖ן שְׁבָ֥א וּדְדָֽן׃ ס

‎33 ‏וּבְנֵ֣י מִדְיָ֗ן עֵיפָ֤ה וָעֵ֙פֶר֙ וַחֲנ֔וֹךְ וַאֲבִידָ֖ע וְאֶלְדָּעָ֑ה כָּל־אֵ֖לֶּה בְּנֵ֥י קְטוּרָֽה׃ ס

‎34 ‏וַיּ֥וֹלֶד אַבְרָהָ֖ם אֶת־יִצְחָ֑ק סבְּנֵ֣י יִצְחָ֔ק עֵשָׂ֖ו וְיִשְׂרָאֵֽל׃ ס

‎35 ‏בְּנֵ֖י עֵשָׂ֑ו אֱלִיפַ֛ז רְעוּאֵ֥ל וִיע֖וּשׁ וְיַעְלָ֥ם וְקֹֽרַח׃ ס

‎36 ‏בְּנֵ֖י אֱלִיפָ֑ז תֵּימָ֤ן וְאוֹמָר֙ צְפִ֣י וְגַעְתָּ֔ם קְנַ֖ז וְתִמְנָ֥ע וַעֲמָלֵֽק׃ ס

‎37 ‏בְּנֵ֖י רְעוּאֵ֑ל נַ֥חַת זֶ֖רַח שַׁמָּ֥ה וּמִזָּֽה׃ ס

‎38 ‏וּבְנֵ֣י שֵׂעִ֔יר לוֹטָ֥ן וְשׁוֹבָ֖ל וְצִבְע֣וֹן וַֽעֲנָ֑ה וְדִישֹׁ֥ן וְאֵ֖צֶר וְדִישָֽׁן׃

‎39 ‏וּבְנֵ֥י לוֹטָ֖ן חֹרִ֣י וְהוֹמָ֑ם וַאֲח֥וֹת לוֹטָ֖ן תִּמְנָֽע׃ ס

‎40 ‏בְּנֵ֣י שׁוֹבָ֔ל עַלְיָ֧ן וּמָנַ֛חַת וְעֵיבָ֖ל שְׁפִ֣י וְאוֹנָ֑ם סוּבְנֵ֥י צִבְע֖וֹן אַיָּ֥ה וַעֲנָֽה׃

‎41 ‏בְּנֵ֥י עֲנָ֖ה דִּישׁ֑וֹן סוּבְנֵ֣י דִישׁ֔וֹן חַמְרָ֥ן וְאֶשְׁבָּ֖ן וְיִתְרָ֥ן וּכְרָֽן׃ ס

‎42 ‏בְּֽנֵי־אֵ֔צֶר בִּלְהָ֥ן וְזַעֲוָ֖ן יַעֲקָ֑ן3 בְּנֵ֥י דִישׁ֖וֹן ע֥וּץ וַאֲרָֽן׃ פ

‎43 ‏וְאֵ֣לֶּה הַמְּלָכִ֗ים אֲשֶׁ֤ר מָלְכוּ֙ בְּאֶ֣רֶץ אֱד֔וֹם לִפְנֵ֥י מְלָךְ־מֶ֖לֶךְ לִבְנֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל בֶּ֚לַע בֶּן־בְּע֔וֹר וְשֵׁ֥ם עִיר֖וֹ דִּנְהָֽבָה׃

‎44 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת בָּ֑לַע וַיִּמְלֹ֣ךְ תַּחְתָּ֔יו יוֹבָ֥ב בֶּן־זֶ֖רַח מִבָּצְרָֽה׃

‎45 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת יוֹבָ֑ב וַיִּמְלֹ֣ךְ תַּחְתָּ֔יו חוּשָׁ֖ם מֵאֶ֥רֶץ הַתֵּימָנִֽי׃

‎46 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת חוּשָׁ֑ם וַיִּמְלֹ֨ךְ תַּחְתָּ֜יו הֲדַ֣ד בֶּן־בְּדַ֗ד הַמַּכֶּ֤ה אֶת־מִדְיָן֙ בִּשְׂדֵ֣ה מוֹאָ֔ב וְשֵׁ֥ם עִיר֖וֹ עיות עֲוִֽית׃

‎47 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת הֲדָ֑ד וַיִּמְלֹ֣ךְ תַּחְתָּ֔יו שַׂמְלָ֖ה מִמַּשְׂרֵקָֽה׃

‎48 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת שַׂמְלָ֑ה וַיִּמְלֹ֣ךְ תַּחְתָּ֔יו שָׁא֖וּל מֵרְחֹב֥וֹת הַנָּהָֽר׃

‎49 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת שָׁא֑וּל וַיִּמְלֹ֣ךְ תַּחְתָּ֔יו בַּ֥עַל חָנָ֖ן בֶּן־עַכְבּֽוֹר׃

‎50 ‏וַיָּ֙מָת֙ בַּ֣עַל חָנָ֔ן וַיִּמְלֹ֤ךְ תַּחְתָּיו֙ הֲדַ֔ד וְשֵׁ֥ם עִיר֖וֹ פָּ֑עִי וְשֵׁ֨ם אִשְׁתּ֤וֹ מְהֵיטַבְאֵל֙ בַּת־מַטְרֵ֔ד בַּ֖ת מֵ֥י זָהָֽב׃

‎51 ‏וַיָּ֖מָת הֲדָ֑ד סוַיִּהְיוּ֙ אַלּוּפֵ֣י אֱד֔וֹם אַלּ֥וּף תִּמְנָ֛ע אַלּ֥וּף עליה עַֽלְוָ֖ה אַלּ֥וּף יְתֵֽת׃

‎52 ‏אַלּ֧וּף אָהֳלִיבָמָ֛ה אַלּ֥וּף אֵלָ֖ה אַלּ֥וּף פִּינֹֽן׃

‎53 ‏אַלּ֥וּף קְנַ֛ז אַלּ֥וּף תֵּימָ֖ן אַלּ֣וּף מִבְצָֽר׃

‎54 ‏אַלּ֥וּף מַגְדִּיאֵ֖ל אַלּ֣וּף עִירָ֑ם אֵ֖לֶּה אַלּוּפֵ֥י אֱדֽוֹם׃ פ


1 Adam, Seth, Enos,

2 Cainan, Malaleel, Jared,

3 Henoch, Mathusale, Lamech,

4 Noë, Sem, Cham, et Japtheth.

5 Filii Japheth: Gomer, et Magog, et Madai, et Javan, Thubal, Mosoch, Thiras.

6 Porro filii Gomer: Ascenez, et Riphath, et Thogorma.

7 Filii autem Javan: Elisa et Tharsis, Cethim et Dodanim.

8 Filii Cham: Chus, et Mesraim, et Phut, et Chanaan.

9 Filii autem Chus: Saba, et Hevila, Sabatha, et Regma, et Sabathacha. Porro filii Regma: Saba, et Dadan.

10 Chus autem genuit Nemrod: iste cœpit esse potens in terra.

11 Mesraim vero genuit Ludim, et Anamim, et Laabim, et Nephtuim,

12 Phetrusim quoque, et Casluim: de quibus egressi sunt Philisthiim, et Caphtorim.

13 Chanaan vero genuit Sidonem primogenitum suum, Hethæum quoque,

14 et Jebusæum, et Amorrhæum, et Gergesæum,

15 Hevæumque et Aracæum, et Sinæum.

16 Aradium quoque, et Samaræum, et Hamathæum.

17 Filii Sem: Ælam, et Assur, et Arphaxad, et Lud, et Aram, et Hus, et Hul, et Gether, et Mosoch.

18 Arphaxad autem genuit Sale, qui et ipse genuit Heber.

19 Porro Heber nati sunt duo filii: nomen uni Phaleg, quia in diebus ejus divisa est terra; et nomen fratris ejus Jectan.

20 Jectan autem genuit Elmodad, et Saleph, et Asarmoth, et Jare,

21 Adoram quoque, et Huzal, et Decla,

22 Hebal etiam, et Abimaël, et Saba, necnon

23 et Ophir, et Hevila, et Jobab: omnes isti filii Jectan.

24 Sem, Arphaxad, Sale,

25 Heber, Phaleg, Ragau,

26 Serug, Nachor, Thare,

27 Abram: iste est Abraham.

28 Filii autem Abraham, Isaac et Ismahel.

29 Et hæ generationes eorum. Primogenitus Ismahelis, Nabaioth, et Cedar, et Adbeel, et Mabsam,

30 et Masma, et Duma, Massa, Hadad, et Thema,

31 Jetur, Naphis, Cedma: hi sunt filii Ismahelis.

32 Filii autem Ceturæ concubinæ Abraham, quos genuit: Zamran, Jecsan, Madan, Madian, Jesboc, et Sue. Porro filii Jecsan: Saba, et Dadan. Filii autem Dadan: Assurim, et Latussim, et Laomim.

33 Filii autem Madian: Epha, et Epher, et Henoch, et Abida, et Eldaa: omnes hi filii Ceturæ.

34 Genuit autem Abraham Isaac: cujus fuerunt filii Esau, et Israël.

35 Filii Esau: Eliphaz, Rahuel, Jehus, Ihelom, et Core.

36 Filii Eliphaz: Theman, Omar, Sephi, Gathan, Cenez, Thamna, Amalec.

37 Filii Rahuel: Nahath, Zara, Samma, Meza.

38 Filii Seir: Lotan, Sobal, Sebeon, Ana, Dison, Eser, Disan.

39 Filii Lotan: Hori, Homam. Soror autem Lotan fuit Thamna.

40 Filii Sobal: Alian, et Manahath, et Ebal, Sephi et Onam. Filii Sebeon: Aja et Ana. Filii Ana: Dison.

41 Filii Dison: Hamram, et Heseban, et Jethran, et Charan.

42 Filii Eser: Balaan, et Zavan, et Jacan. Filii Disan: Hus et Aran.

43 Isti sunt reges qui imperaverunt in terra Edom, antequam esset rex super filios Israël. Bale filius Beor: et nomen civitatis ejus, Denaba.

44 Mortuus est autem Bale, et regnavit pro eo Jobab filius Zare de Bosra.

45 Cumque et Jobab fuisset mortuus, regnavit pro eo Husam de terra Themanorum.

46 Obiit quoque et Husam, et regnavit pro eo Adad filius Badad, qui percussit Madian in terra Moab: et nomen civitatis ejus Avith.

47 Cumque et Adad fuisset mortuus, regnavit pro eo Semla de Masreca.

48 Sed et Semla mortuus est, et regnavit pro eo Saul de Rohoboth, quæ juxta amnem sita est.

49 Mortuo quoque Saul, regnavit pro eo Balanan filius Achobor.

50 Sed et hic mortuus est, et regnavit pro eo Adad: cujus urbis nomen fuit Phau, et appellata est uxor ejus Meetabel filia Matred filiæ Mezaab.

51 Adad autem mortuo, duces pro regibus in Edom esse cœperunt: dux Thamna, dux Alva, dux Jetheth,

52 dux Oolibama, dux Ela, dux Phinon,

53 dux Cenez, dux Theman, dux Mabsar,

54 dux Magdiel, dux Hiram: hi duces Edom.

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