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A glorious hymn. Further reference to the eternal covenant between God and Man.

Happy is the man whom the Lord remembereth with reproving,
  And whom He restraineth from the way of evil with strokes
  That he may be cleansed from sin, that it may not be multiplied.
He that maketh ready his back for strokes shall be cleansed,
  For the Lord is good to them that endure chastening.
For He maketh straight the ways of the righteous,
  And doth not pervert them by His chastening.
And the mercy of the Lord is upon them that love Him in truth,
  And the Lord remembereth His servants in mercy.
For the testimony is in the law of the eternal covenant,
  The testimony of the Lord is on the ways of men in His visitation.
Just and kind is our Lord in His judgements for ever,
  And Israel shall praise the name of the Lord in gladness.
And the pious shall give thanks in the assembly of the people;
  And on the poor shall God have mercy in the gladness of Israel;
For good and merciful is God for ever,
  And the assemblies of Israel shall glorify the name of the Lord.

The salvation of the Lord be upon the house of Israel unto everlasting gladness!

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