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Jerusalem hears a trumpet and stands on tiptoe to see her children returning from the North, East and West.

Blow ye in Zion on the trumpet to summon the saints,
  Cause ye to be heard in Jerusalem the voice of him that bringeth good tidings; p. 114
  For God hath had pity on Israel in visiting them.
Stand on the height, O Jerusalem, and behold thy children,
  From the East and the West, gathered together by the Lord;
From the North they come in the gladness of their God,
  From the isles afar off God hath gathered them.
High mountains hath He abased into a plain for them;
  The hills fled at their entrance.
The woods gave them shelter as they passed by;
  Every sweet-smelling tree God caused to spring up for them,
  That Israel might pass by in the visitation of the glory of their God.
Put on, O Jerusalem, thy glorious garments;
  Make ready thy holy robe;
  For God hath spoken good concerning Israel, for ever and ever.
Let the Lord do what He hath spoken concerning Israel and Jerusalem;
  Let the Lord raise up Israel by His glorious name.

The mercy of the Lord be upon Israel for ever and ever.

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