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The exile of the tribes of Israel. A reference to the covenant which God made with Adam. (See the First Book of Adam and Eve, Chap. III, Verse 7).

When Israel was led away captive into a strange land,
  When they fell away from the Lord who redeemed them,
  They were cast away from the inheritance, which the Lord had given them.
Among every nation were the dispersed of Israel according to the word of God,
  That Thou mightest be justified, O God, in Thy righteousness by reason of our transgressions:
  For Thou art a just judge over all the peoples of the earth.
For from Thy knowledge none that doeth unjustly is hidden,
  And the righteous deeds of Thy pious ones are before Thee, O Lord;
  Where, then, can a man hide himself from Thy knowledge, O God?
Our works are subject to our own choice and power
  To do right or wrong in the works of our hands;
  And in Thy righteousness Thou visitest the sons of men.
He that doeth righteousness layeth up life for himself with the Lord;
  And he that doeth wrongly forfeits his life to destruction; p. 113
For the judgements of the Lord are given in righteousness to every man and his house.
Unto whom art Thou good, O God, except to them that call upon the Lord?
  He cleanseth from sins a soul when it maketh confession, when it maketh acknowledgement;
  For shame is upon us and u on our faces on account of all these things.
And to whom doth He forgive sins, except to them that have sinned?
  Thou blessest the righteous, and dost not reprove them for the sins that they have committed;
  And Thy goodness is upon them that sin, when they repent.
And, now, Thou art our God, and we the people whom Thou hast loved:
  Behold and show pity, O God of Israel, for we are Thine;
  And remove not Thy mercy from us, lest they assail us.
For Thou didst choose the seed of Abraham before all the nations,
  And didst set Thy name upon us, O Lord,
  And Thou wilt not reject us for ever.
Thou madest a covenant with our fathers concerning us;
  And we hope in Thee, when our soul turneth unto Thee.
  The mercy of the Lord be upon the house of Israel for ever and ever.

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