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Of Justice

Justice is loved above all. Neglect it not, if thou desirest Me.

By it thou wilt be strengthened to perceive things with thine own eyes and not by the eyes of men; to know them by thine own knowledge and not by the knowledge of any in the world. Meditate on this how thou oughtest to be.

Justice is of My Bounty to thee and of My Providence over thee; therefore, keep it ever before thy sight.

O Son of Man! Wert thou to observe Mercy,

p. 100

thou wouldest not regard thine own interest, but the interest of mankind. Wert thou to observe Justice. choose thou for others what thou choosest for thyself.

Know verily that he who exhorts men to equity and himself does injustice, is not of Me, though he may bear My Name.

Attribute not to any soul that which thou desirest not to be attributed to thyself, and do not promise that which thou dost not fulfil. This is My Command to thee; obey it.

The Source of all these utterances is Justice. It is the freedom of man from superstition, and imitation, that he may discern the Manifestations of God with the eye of Oneness, and consider all affairs with keen sight.

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